A new round, a new season. And since it’s the first chronicle of March, we have a wish for the performing women in the Business League ecosystem:

Happy International Women’s Day, sunshine on your keyboard and joy all year round! Ok, that made three wishes and still, they’re not enough 💝

Round stories

  1. Glew Solutions raises the proverbial bar very high in the Business League. And it keeps it there. However, outside the ecosystem, Ovidiu Golea has something to be proud of: for the second consecutive year, Glew receives the title of Google Premier Partner. That means he ranks in the top 3% of marketing agencies in Romania on Google. Not bad for a continuously growing Unicorn.
  2. ING Bazar has compared itself enough to its Black Friday numbers from November. Starting this new round, it looks back on the week that just ended when it broke its own record in Target Strike. It was a conversion rate of 30.21%, the highest in history for this Challenge. It was like in the movies, if movies were made about performance marketing.
  3. Both in Business League and outside of it, ambitious startups have a charm that makes us pay attention. We resonate with players who are still down because we too were down at some point. And when we see and feel a tailwind for a startup, we cheer them on. Razvan.Mihăescu has re-entered the game, made 147 sales, and climbed to #11. We’re keeping an eye on him and rooting for him for the next level.
  1. GabrielNica and M.Catalin walk arm in arm out of the Companies gate and take the elevator to the Corporations floors, from where we hope to see them leaving only at the last floor. And among the Advertisers, we also have two relegations: Bookzone exchanges the unicorn at the front for a corporate desk, and Flanco joins the Companies dreaming of great performance. What does this mean? That people have started to buy fewer books and laptops? Nope, Business League is a marathon, not a sprint – there are ups and downs, from which stores and affiliates learn side by side. By the way, the best learning is done with laptops and books, just sayin’.

It was an everything can happen Round, but as usual, we chose to focus on what’s most important: the champion’s mindset, the figures that motivate, and the stories that inspire.

And week 10 is here. High Ten!

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