I know that today it seems hard to believe that we are talking about “spring”, but we have had our share of nice weather these past 2 months. We just need to be a bit more patient with the sun, it is difficult for him to decide.

On the other hand, it is easy for us to decide who are the winners of this spring’s competition. Why? Because we are talking numbers and we can track everything. 🙂

So this is it, we have the winners of our Spring Bloom Challenge.

Here are the top 3 best performing affiliates this spring, along with the prizes they deserve.

  1. Octavian Jomir – 1 Iphone6S
  2. Cristian Loloiu – 1 IPad
  3. Antoniya Stoyanov – 1 Vector Watch

We recognize performance everywhere it may be.  That is why we are rewarding with 100 euro each the affiliates who managed to get:

  • The biggest accepted commission during the challenge –  Octavian Jomir, 23.05 EUR, advertiser Hippoland
  • The biggest number of accepted commissions in one day – Octavian Jomir, 7th March, 43 commissions
  • The biggest number of accepted commisions in the Fashion Category – Cristian Loloiu, 224 commissions

Let’s congratulate all the winners of this competition. We are also taking a bow to all our affiliates who were active during this competition.

Thank you all and have a blasting conversion rate! 🙂

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