Sales through 2Performant up 75% on Black Friday compared to 2022

This morning, we published a glorious piece of news. Our platform intermediated sales worth 3 million euros excluding VAT on Black Friday, up 75% year-on-year, for 404 partner stores. For the whole week of November 6-12, 2023, the increase was 52% compared to the comparable period in 2022, to 8.2 million euros excluding VAT sales generated for 469 online stores.

Our growth had slowed to around 40% in the last few months compared to 2022, but as soon as Romanians’ interest in online shopping returned, we were ready to accelerate. This year, we made significant upgrades to our main growth engine – the online sales competition Business League – some major ones even before Black Friday, and we are very pleased with the results.”

Dorin Boerescu, co-founder and CEO of 2Performant

The value of sales intermediated by 2Performant during the week of November 6-12 2023, at 8.2 million euros excluding VAT, surpasses the monthly figures recorded in the first seven months of the previous year.

Each of the 469 partner online stores of 2Performant benefited from an average of 257 sales last week, with a value exceeding 17,000 euros excluding VAT.

By the end of the year, we will reach the 150 million euros threshold in sales generated through 2Performant in one year, a 50% increase from the previous record of 100 million set last year.”

Dorin Boerescu

The Black Friday period highlighted the champions within the 2Performant platform, including 7 of the largest online stores and 7 of the top online sales generators in Romania, each of the 14 surpassing the 1,000 sales threshold in 24 hours through 2Performant during Black Friday 2023.

The top 7 stores with over 1,000 sales in 24 hours were: Dr.Max, BestValue, Otter, SpringFarma, Flanco, Cărturești, and Cupio.

The top 7 affiliates with over 1,000 sales in 24 hours were: GlewSolutions, District Conversion, ING Bazar, Tidy Shopping, WPD,, and Tipli.

More information about the results of Black Friday 2023 in the 2Performant ecosystem is available at

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