Vivre is the leading eCommerce store in the Home & Deco industry in Romania, founded in 2012 by Romanian entrepreneurs and with sales in 9 countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

The main objective – Expanding the network of partners

One of the main objectives of Vivre’s marketing strategy is to attract more promotional partners with whom to build long-term relationships based on trust.  

Affiliation is a good opportunity to expand your online sales team through partners you pay at cost per sale. So far, around 4,000 affiliates have signed up to the Vivre affiliate program in Romania.

More than a year later (since the relaunch), we can say that expectations have been successfully met.

Irina Munteanu – Affiliate Manager at Vivre

“First and foremost, we wanted to exponentially increase the number of partners. Alongside this objective, we also aimed to increase sales volume. More than a year later (since the relaunch), we can say that both expectations have been successfully met. In the future, we want to achieve more and more rewarding results, which is why we are in the process of redefining our objectives and expanding our partner network more and more.”

Vivre joined the affiliate network when 2Performant was called 2Parale in 2012. It took a break between 2015 and 2018, when it was relaunched by Irina Munteanu – Affiliate Manager at Vivre. The quotes below belong to Irina herself, who is in full-time charge of managing Vivre’s affiliate program.

“The start was simple and effective.”

“The whole process of integrating the Vivre store back into the 2Performant platform happened quickly, over about two months to be precise.”

Launching an affiliate program on the 2Performant platform can theoretically be done in a few days, as it usually happens. The process can take longer for advertisers of Vivre’s size due to the complexity of the business, which requires inter-departmental coordination (technical, financial, legal, marketing).

Launching an affiliate program involves:

  • Programmer – install tracking code. Working time: 1h 30 min. No programmer? We can help you.
  • Financial – fill in billing details + funding the account. Working time: 5 min
  • Description of the affiliate program and setting the commission offered to affiliates. Working time: 1h

Synergy between promotion channels

The Vivre team is made up of digital natives who communicate across all available channels – performance marketing, direct marketing, social media, TV, radio, OOH, etc.

“All channels help increase awareness, but also increase sales volume.”

780,000 clicks | over 1,000,000 euro sales 

Sales through the Vivre affiliate program represent between 2% and 3% of total sales volume, depending on each month’s results.

The results have been visible since the first week of the relaunch of Vivre’s Affiliate Program.

Depending on the niche and size of the business, affiliation can reach up to 10-20% of total sales volume.

There have been instances where the conversion rate has been as high as 5%

“The potential of affiliates is most visible during discount campaigns, when many active affiliates adapt their communication strategy to the specifics of these events. The conversion rate is a big plus of the affiliate strategy, especially for periods when we run discount campaigns. There have been events where the conversion rate has been as high as 5%.”

Vivre’s extensive affiliate base, the biggest benefit of the 2Performant affiliate platform

“The extensive base of affiliates enrolled in the network is one of the main benefits of the platform. Also, the affiliate education and outreach programs, from the existing course on Udemy, to the articles on the 2Performant blog – the section dedicated to affiliates, to the types of information that partners can rely on in the platform, is another big advantage of the platform.”

Platform reports play an important role in performance analysis

The most used functionalities in the platform are those related to reporting and data analysis: number of commissions recorded in a given period, CR (conversion rate), top Vivre affiliates, number of clicks.

See a platform demo here

Communication and transparency, the ingredients of a successful affiliate program

Irina says the success of the Vivre program is due to “the time spent on the affiliate program, but also the effort the 2Performant network puts into providing accurate and consistent information to affiliates.”

What the Vivre team does constantly:

  • Provides early information about campaigns
  • Provide banners and other relevant materials
  • It organizes annual competitions that reward performance
  • Analyzes and selects affiliates very carefully
  • Responds very quickly to affiliate questions

Affiliate Manager Vivre + Account Manager 2Performant = Success

The Vivre program benefits from an account manager, who continuously monitors the program and provides dedicated support and custom reports.

“The recommendations from our account are very valuable, we always take them into consideration. Whenever we have any doubts, we turn to him with confidence. A concrete example is the report we receive at the beginning of the month, which helps us get a clearer picture of the program’s performance and identify investment opportunities.”

Spectacular growth in April

In April 2020, total affiliate sales volume increased by 60% compared to the same month last year. This growth is in line with the general trend over the last 2-3 months of eCommerce growth, which means it’s an ideal time to get into affiliation.

“In a competitive business environment, it is a real blessing and benefit to have people passionate about their work. We are therefore glad that the 2Performant team is on our side and providing real support. And when we refer to the team, we’re talking about both the people who make 2Performant work and the partners signed up to the network who have joined our mission.” Irina Munteanu – Affiliate Manager at Vivre

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