Numbers do not feel. Statistics do not frown nor do they congratulate anyone. True, but marketing feels different on the brink of spring.

Meanwhile, there has been thunder and drizzle, and week 7 of Round 3 of the Business League has come to an end. A week that saw both good and bad, but mostly good.

Stories of the week


  1. Tidy Shopping vs. SHOPIA

In a Unicorn matchup that is constantly watched, admired, and debated, changes will never go unnoticed. Tidy sees a 11% decrease in sales compared to the last round, while SHOPIA climbs rapidly with a 10% increase. The gap is narrowing, which means spectacle, anxiety, or enthusiasm – depending on who you ask.

  1. WPD vs. Pricealert

We have popcorn for this battle between two future Unicorns. The good kind of popcorn, like grandma used to make in the cauldron, with kernels jumping out the window. There are only a few dozen sales separating the 1st and 2nd places in Corporations. Leader WPD is rather stagnating, but Pricealert is in the green, with an increase of over 60%. Head-to-head until the last curve!

  1. DTA & Selltoro

The Corporations ranking, this incubator for great performance. We look at the rankings, we look at the numbers, and we act like groupies when we see a tandem jumping two steps at a time. DTA and Selltoro have jumped over 2100 sales this round and don’t seem to have the pause button handy.



We will never tire of talking about Unicorns, i.e., the best. Because performance has its own charisma, you can admire it in any shape, form, or week of the month. Bookzone remains in Springfarma’s wake, and if it were to quote from books to talk about numbers, it would do so like this: “God is not a mathematician; He cannot add two and two. He works only with 0 and 1. The rest is up to us.”

  1. &

Two completely different stores, just a bit north of each other. With Performance. Nichiduta and Liki24 are not having their best match in this round, but that’s why Business League numbers exist: to observe them, correct them, and watch them continue to grow.


Flanco is limping a bit, there are rounds and rounds. But hey, even Dinamo has managed two wins and seems to be saving itself from relegation, so no panic. For now, Flanco is experiencing a decline of over 50% this round, and we’re curious how they will rev up the engines to see some green there. As the race engineer would say to Hamilton, get in there, Flanco!!!

We catch our breath with an ice bath, two bananas, and a light jog around the percentages. And next week we return with new stories from Business League.

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