Some drag their feet on Mondays. We draw conclusions. Because it was another week of the Business League – the 8th of Round 3 – in which stage victories and promises for the final sprint of the round were distributed.

If you’re on the track every day, you’ll slip now and then. You might clock a poor time, for which you scold yourself all day. But then, you pull up Excel and see that this poor time today is, in fact, damn good compared to what you were doing last year. The mindset. It’s about our mind and how we set it up. In 2006, Carol Dweck published her famous volume “Mindset,” distinguishing between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. The former clings to those who believe human abilities are static, while the latter believes we can constantly learn and progress in any area of interest.

The stories of the week in the Business League are presented to you by our main sponsor, Growth Mindset Ultd.

Stories of the week


  1. SHOPIA is here to stay.
    Here, meaning in the group of Unicorns that deliver week after week. After a few sub-optimal laps by its standard, SHOPIA has returned to growth. And their figures show a big and green plus, including YoY (number of sales and value).
  2. GabrielNica & M.Catalin
    In the Companies’ top, GabrielNica had 7 days of growth, culminating in a 95% number 1 generator. Shoulder to shoulder with him, M.Catalin, who also jumped over 2500 sales this round. Both want to live the life of a Corporation.
  3. Shoply & Expandeo
    Ambition and big plans are at every level of the competition. In fact, let’s not forget that nobody started from the top. Our Mentorship program, starting in April, will make this even clearer. But until then, hats off to the Shoply and Expandeo teams, who in the Start-up top are working hard, side by side, for promotion…
  4. Tommy77
    …a promotion that Tommy77 has booked, looking at the over 1700 sales of the Round. It was a magical week for him, in which everything went his way, and he was left with enough energy to start over. First in Start-Ups, with an increase of over… ahem!, 700%. Who would play Tommy in a blockbuster?


5. &

We’ve saved the greatest twist of the story for the end, like the great poets. On February 21, before Dragobete, Libris and BestValue launched fireworks and conversions. It was a top-notch campaign, in which free delivery (and, mainly, Tommy77’s Facebook traffic) made us put our binoculars to our eyes and applaud, like the old ladies in North London at the horse races. Libris was even less than 200 sales away from Doctor Unicorn (aka Dr.Max) on that day. Not bad for a day’s work.

If you liked these stories, there are more to come. More pressing, more carefully detailed. The Business League marathon is in full swing, and anyone has a chance to finish it gasping and celebrating.

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