A match-up (or a duel) can be long-term or just for one Round. It can be balanced or it can quickly tip in favor of one or the other. But it will always be interesting to watch, as long as the players have the same goal: to grow, to strive for the top.

We’re in the last week of Round 1, Stage 2. But before we enter the competition break, there are still stories to tell in the Business League. And as usual, beautiful stories have memorable characters. They go through fire and sword, get angry and suffer, scream and celebrate. They are people, no matter how many sales they make.

  1. Pricealert started the Round neck and neck with WPD, but ends it side by side with Tipli.ro, leading the Marketer Corporations. The first place is secured by WPD, which has already made over 10,000 sales, so it’s already reaching the Unicorn standard. We don’t think #WeekendGrinds will be necessary for them to achieve their goal.

2. In the Companies category, as of the time of writing these lines, OberstBV and Dateio are in 5th and 6th place, separated by… 4 sales. One. Interestingly, while OberstBV made its sales with 19,000 clicks, Dateio has twice and a half more. As we always say: the paths differ, but the destination patiently awaits. It’s a match-up we always watch carefully and with complete lack of worry, because we know both players are aiming for promotion.

3. Moving a bit further down the Marketers’ ecosystem, to the Start-Ups, where although the number of sales is smaller, it’s steadily increasing. And that’s all that matters in the end: progress. New names emerging here. Upconvert remains in the first place, but an interesting match-up is shaping up for promotion: tbibank vs. ionuț.b. Both are on track to achieve numbers worthy of Companies, both have potential even greater than that.

We move to the Merchants’ Territory, where we have one of the most beautiful match-ups in recent Rounds.

  1. In the Corporations ranking, Bookzone and Cărturești play Business League like true veterans and occupy the #1 and #2 spots. Both will surpass the 7000 sales milestone this Round, but how hard will they have to push for 10,000? We’re watching and keeping you updated. #BuyBooks

2. The Companies ranking deserves a unique match-up analysis: there are 3 players there whom we don’t want to separate: Sinsay, Cupio, and Spy-shop are separated by only about 100 sales, leading the ranking, and they need to push hard until Sunday to hope for a lightning-fast promotion to Corporations.

3. Last but not least, we love to observe players on the rise. The Start-Ups. They analyze, start to understand the Business League, and, slowly but surely, apply and test for performance. It’s a pleasure to see them progressing. For example, Okee.ro and Everin.ro. Two players from the Babies Kids & Toys and Beauty categories, respectively: constant progress, currently at #4 and #5, within arm’s reach of the leaders and two steps away from promotion.

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