Behind every online store stands a courageous entrepreneur. And behind every online store profile in the Business League (or affiliate program) stands a Program Manager whose merits need to be appreciated and understood.

So we’re taking yet another step towards recognition for the benefit of all: a new section in the Merchant profile, dedicated to the hero who presses the buttons, who steers the ship in Challenges, and who, day by day, climbs another step (or a few hundred) towards the next level in the championship.

Starting from the second round of the current Business League Stage, which is on May 6, completing this section will become mandatory for any Merchant enrolled and accepted in the Competition, i.e., Newcomers. Until then, active players can complete their Program Manager profile in the Settings section of the platform.

The Merchant profile will also receive a well-deserved redesign, and the new section will complement it.

“But why are you guys doing this?”

Without a hint of irony, it’s a good and constant question.

Because we want to push things forward. And as market leaders in affiliate marketing, it’s important to do it right, always thinking from the ground up, starting with the professional who performs. Specifically, we’re adding this section because:

  • We want to put a face to quality work. The programs developed and campaigns run by Merchants are not divine or robotic works of a second. They are efforts conceived and implemented by people, and these people need to be known.
  • We promised transparency in Competition and Company. This promise transcends numbers and annual reports. It goes deep and doesn’t tolerate cracks.
  • Merchant accounts will move to the next level of professionalism, one that both categories of players fully deserve to create quality and long-lasting relationships.
  • Last but not least, we want the job of Program Manager to gain the weight it deserves. It’s demanding work, done by passionate and damn skilled people. Let’s fckin’ own it!

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