In the recent years, November has become a month of great fret and fuss in online commerce. All sellers are stuffing the market with various and generous offers. If during the first years, lots of them were caught up unprepared by Black Friday, today there should be no excuses. That is why we have drafted a set of tips for a solid preparation for Black Friday in ecommerce for all the 2Performant Network new comers.

Every online store that has an affiliate program in 2Performant should know that Black Friday is enthusiastically expected by their partners as well – the affiliates. Thus, this is an excellent moment to make the most out of your affiliate program and achieve the best results through this channel.

How to prepare your affiliate program for Black Friday in ecommerce?

  • Make sure you have enough funds in your account. Therefore, you should check your account balance at least every other day.
  • Do not decrease the commission. On the contrary, offer a higher commission, if possible. Affiliates have a lot of options. Make them opt for you.
  • Add your Black Friday offers in the Promotions section and connect them to the dedicated Black Friday is coming! Shopping Event. This way, your promotion will appear here:

advertiser's promotions Black Friday in ecommerce

black friday is coming 2017

  • Use the internal messaging system to communicate your bestselling products or categories for that persiod. Also, make sure your top affiliates are informed about them.
  • Organize a Black Friday challenge for the high performing affiliates. Here are some tips: How to organize a smart affiliate challenge
  • Process affiliate requests more often. During Black Friday, there are chances you get more requests from affiliates who want to work with you.
  • Recruit new affiliates from Affiliate Ranking. Offer them custom conditions to persuade them to promote your offer.
  • Make sure that your tracking code works correctly both on desktop and mobile.
  • Provide your affiliates with special Black Friday banners and product feeds.
  • Pay attention when you are processing commissions, mostly when you accept them. Keep in mind that once accepted, a commission can no longer be rejected.

Considering that the affiliate program can only work well if the website works well, we also have a short list of recommendations regarding the online shop.

How to prepare your website for Black Friday in ecommerce

  • Discuss with your suppliers regarding all products and the corresponding stocks. This way you will be able to estimate a correct discount offer.
  • Create a list with all the discounted products and make sure there is enough stock for them. Work on the product inventory as early as possible.
  • Check and test your servers. They need to be able to put up with a significant traffic increase.
  • Build a dedicated Black Friday deals landing page on your website.
  • Prepare special banners and creatives for all your sales products.
  • Keep your eyes on Google Analytics. Thus, you can adjust your marketing strategy in real time.
  • Begin your marketing campaign as early as possible: email marketing, PPC, blogs, social media, etc.
  • If you have a website mobile version, test it, make sure it works properly and there are no bugs.

It’s wise not the be unprepared for Black Friday in ecommmerce. This is a great opportunity to discover new affiliates with whom you can obtain excellent results and also get a lot of new customers.

Log in and start right away!

Good luck!

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