Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping events in the world is just around the corner.

The number of sales goes up in this period as shoppers are gunning for sales and special offers. 2Performant affiliates are prepared for this event and help you promote and maximise your deals so you should prepare your prepaid affiliate program accordingly.

List your offers and special benefits

The first step is to submit your offer here: There are over 90 advertisers that listed their promotions. Here you can find a short link to the form that you have to feel in in order to be listed ->

Make sure you don’t enter budget lock

The second step is to be sure that you have enough money in your prepaid affiliate program balance so that your affiliate program doesn’t enter budget lock due to lack of funds. Expecting a number of sales that you usually get in a month, and a proportional number of commissions, I recommend you charge your affiliate program balance with a month’s value of funds, or even more.

It’s not a good idea to enter budget lock in the middle of Black Friday. All new traffic will be blocked and all your hard work in engaging affiliates and preparing the affiliate program for the event will go to waste.

How does the prepaid system work?

When a commission is generated, the sum is deducted from your affiliate program balance. When you later process the commissions, the sum of each commission either goes in the affiliate’s balance, if the commission is accepted, or it goes back to your balance, if the commission is rejected. So if the sale isn’t completed, you don’t lose the deducted sum, it returns in your affiliate program balance.

The prepaid system is a very handy one: it shortens time to payment and offers new stats by witch affiliates choose witch affiliate programs to promote.

If your balance reaches zero due to pending commissions, your affiliate program will enter budget lock. You will not receive new traffic and the affiliates that invested in your affiliate program will lose part of their investment. It’s a lose-lose situations and you should avoid this at any cost.

In the worst case scenario, in that your affiliate program enters budget lock, new commissions will be generated based on traffic sent before budget lock. All these commissions will be marked as “locked” and they will be deducted from the account balance. Replenishing your account balance will unlock all commissions, which will take their normal flow, having a “pending” status. This is a new feature that we’ve announced a month ago and it’s a way of minimizing affiliates losses in case of unwanted budget lock due to lack of funds.

In order to later restart your affiliate program, you will have to charge your affiliate program covering those post budget lock generated commissions and later process them, as they are generated by traffic sent by your affiliates.

It’s easy to deposit money in your affiliate program. Here is a video tutorial ->

Let’s have a win-win, good Black Friday together! Many happy conversions to you!

Aici poti gasi versiunea in romana ->

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