Affiliates and advertisers outside Romania may not be aware of this, but we are just a few steps away of achieving our most challenging milestone yet. During the night between August 5th and 6th (i.e. Friday to Saturday) we will be merging the first and largest affiliate network in Romania, 2Parale, with the cool and modern affiliate platform you’ve come to love, 2Performant.

This requires us to put the network in maintenance mode for a few hours between Friday, Aug 5th at 21:00 CET and Saturday, Aug 6th at 05:00 CET. Don’t worry, tracking will not be affected, all clicks and commissions will be registered as usual. The only thing is that you won’t be able to see them in the interface in that 8 hour time span.

Naturally, we wouldn’t create this (small) inconvenience if we didn’t have some super-benefits to offer afterwards. So, starting August 6th…

  • the number of programs that affiliates will be able to promote will increase to over 500, including both big local brands (e.g. and international ones (e.g. Vodafone, Telekom)!
  • the number of affiliates registered with the platform will increase to over 50.000, including PPC specialist, big publishers, review blogs and more!

You read that right! It’s a very big increase in terms of finding a long-term business partner with whom you can increase your earnings. And it’s happening very soon!

There’s nothing in particular that you need to do, just grab your weekly dose of Friday night sleep/fun/planning-world-domination and let us do the heavy lifting. We promise we’ll make the interface available as soon as we can, so you can quickly get back to being the awesome marketing superhero that you are.

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