Accelerated Performance Dictionary:

Mentor = Experienced & results-driven marketer, willing to share the secret recipe;

Mentee = Marketer with more modest results, willing to learn quickly;

Network = us, 2Performant, unapologetically impatient with anything that doesn’t help the ecosystem.

You’re good, but not good enough. Or the opposite: you don’t have the desired results, but you are determined to achieve them. Have no fear, your Mentors are here. Ok, not yet, but from April, the good news is:

2Performant is once again positioning itself halfway between passionate people and helping them grow in one season as much as others in ten, like in the stories with Carlos Alcaraz.

Affiliates who want to grow, accelerate, and take off vertically like an ibis will be able to collaborate with affiliates who have already reached the top and want to explain exactly how they did it. We are launching the program with a lot of enthusiasm, but also clear rules.

Conditions to become a mentee

  • You are an affiliate in the “Start-up” category, in the first half of the ranking.
  • You have not been suspended for more than 5 days, during the last Business League season.

As you can see, the conditions are not many. Instead, the benefits are more substantial.

Benefits for mentees

  • You will have access to the only type of guidance that truly matters: that coming from top affiliates.
  • You will receive not just advice, but long-term insights that will help you progress on your own.
  • You will skip learning stages. Meaning you will gain time and know-how from the beasts at the top of the Business League ranking.
  • You will stay motivated and focused on progress because Mentors only work with such affiliates.
  • You will have goals, specific discussions with the Mentor, and a learning process that is easy to follow and analyze.

Conditions to become a Mentor

  • You have started and finished the most recent Business League season as a Unicorn, Company, or Corporation OR
  • You are part of the Hall of Fame AND
  • You have not been suspended from the platform for more than 5 days, during the last Business League season.

Calendar & info

We start in Stage 2, Round 1 and draw conclusions at the end of Season 3. The process is simple: you register as a Mentor/Mentee, and then teams are formed. Mentors mentor, so mentors receive 25% of the commissions generated by the group of mentees.

We will return with information and updates as we finalize them, but the main idea has long been crystallized:

The Mentorship Program aims for the healthiest and fastest form of growth for a Business League player: organic, circular, through the very resources and values that have formed in the ecosystem.

Let’s goooo!

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