For the past 10 years, we’ve been focusing on creating an infrastructure which offered the best technical environment for performance-based affiliate marketing. Our vision all of these years has been to build the best self-service affiliate marketing network. The most intuitive platform, offering its users a natural experience, with transparent access to information and the means for anyone to do affiliate marketing anytime, without too much human interference.

Building a self-service platform has helped us grow healthy in a young market, overcoming all obstacles – which were quite a few.

We developed a scalable traffic and sales tracking technology, where collaboration and one-to-many communication are possible using a single account and a single contract with 2Performant and on top of that a technical, legal and commercial system for payments pertaining to brand-digital talents collaborations. Today, our platform is being used by over 700 brands, from global subsidiaries to startups or local/regional champions.

We’ve brokered commissions of over 11 million euros using this technology, as a product of over 4,2 million online transactions totaling over 164 million euros.

Over the course of the past year, we’ve analyzed what more we can do by listening to your feedback and studying the behavioral patterns that generated the best results. Now, after we’ve created an infrastructure capable of serving tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of users, we are ready to move together to the next level.

First steps towards the new vision

We began identifying ways to be closer to our community and enable interaction between our members. We started to hold monthly workshops to teach the new advertisers, we launched the 2Performant Talks Conference and also a new webinar series.

The relationship quality between the 2Performant users is our new priority.

For this, we need to create the social environment which enables honest, solid and valuable relationships between all users, an environment which will generate better results for both advertisers and affiliates.

We created new teams which offer dedicated support and expert advice to our top advertisers and affiliates, and we already see the results.

Furthermore, starting with October, we will offer phone support to our users and we’ll continue to allocate even more resources to education and support.

From a self-service focus, we’ve moved to better-value focus for each of our users, from the best self-service affiliate marketing network we want to grow into the best user-results network.

We made this decision 6 months ago, when we started taking the first steps towards transforming our team to change our mindset so that we move faster towards our new goal.

Platform use

To support this new vision, we will make a series of changes inside the platform, with the purpose of generating higher value from each interaction.

We started looking more closely at affiliates’ profiles, to fill them with relevant information meant to better showcase the resources and the abilities of the person generating the conversions.

Another important step we make today is changing our pricing criteria so that we direct the advertisers’ focus from a volume communication to a quality communication aiming a better capitalization of each interaction with their affiliates.

Through the new pricing criteria, we want to support this behavior in the platform, which we are certain will generate a higher value for each 2Performant user. Basically, the functionalities we launched in recent years – Affiliate Ranking, Promotions, Advertisers Ranking, Affiliate Recruitment – will be the main differentiators in the pricing plans, which remain the same in terms of monthly prices.

We’ll continue to develop our technical infrastructure and increase our user base and we’ll do this by supporting those who join us even more. We’ll elevate both our consultant and our facilitator roles. We’ll help our users better understand best practices and collaborate profitably. We’ll continue to encourage transparency and honesty, which are the basis for any long-term relationship.

We’ll be, more than ever: 2Performant. Dedicated to marketing superheroes.

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