This week we launched 8 Global Advertisers, that can help you earn more commissions. You can see them listed below with more information:


Commission: 9%

Cookie life: 45 Days

Benefits of the Affiliate Program:

  • Ability to promote products across geographies
  • Attractive Deals and Promotions


Commission: 12%

Cookie life: 30 Days

Benefits of the Affiliate Program

  • Weekly Rich coupons, deals, text links, banners, etc.
  • Daily updated free data feed


Commission: 30%

Cookie life: 90 Days

Benefits of the Affiliate Program

  • 50+ creatives covering text links, banners, coupons and deals
  • Exclusive Newsletter sent each month for latest products news


Commission: 14-23%

Cookie life: 60 Days

Benefits of the Affiliate Program:

  • More than 13 million unique users every month!
  • Weekly e-mail with the latest news.


Commission: 7%

Cookie life: 90 Days

Bonprix CZ

Commission: 4.67%

Cookie life: 14 Days

Rakuten FR

Commission: 4.45%

Cookie life: 30 Days

Rad Power bikes

Commission: 5%

Cookie life: 30 Days

See all our Affiliate Programs here.

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