We just launched a new feature through which advertisers can announce their promotions to all affiliates enrolled in our platform and through which affiliates can see all the listed promotions.

Therefore, advertisers can list their promotions in a dedicated menu and affiliates will be able to see them from their personal accounts.

In the advertisers’ account main menu, between Tools and Messages, a new item emerged: Promotions.

From the My Promotions area, you will be able to create listings with new promotions. Simultaneously, inside this area, all promotions that were already listed will be visible.

The buttons next to each promotion will show the following:

  • Details -> private information about promotions that are set by yourself. These details will not be visible to affiliates;
  • View -> you will see your promotional page exactly how the affiliates are seeing it;
  • Edit -> you can edit the promotions in accordance with the changes you want to make;
  • Publish/Unpublish -> you can enable or disable showing the promotions in the affiliates’ accounts.
    • Publish: promotions will be visible;
    • Unpublish: promotions will not be visible.

Filtering the listing tabs:

  • All promotions ->list of all the available promotions;
  • Published -> promotions that are currently visible to affiliates;
  • Draft -> promotions not visible to affiliates.

Moreover, you will have the option to search the promotions and filer them by Shopping events.

Adding a new Promotion

By clicking the Add New Promotion button you will be able to set up a new promotion.

After clicking Add New Promotion, you will see a form where you must fill several information in order to show your promotions in the affiliates’ accounts.

  • Promotion public title -> the public title of the promotion. The more descriptive and original, the better;
  • Promotion internal title -> a private title of the promotion, visible only for the account admins;
  • Promotion description -> detailed information about the promotion. The more clear and complete, possibly with marketing data (reached demographics, future star products etc.), the better;
  • Choose date range -> time frame during which the promotion will be available. Date and hour are mandatory;
  • Promo landing page URL -> promotion’s URL, only if that’s the case. It can be left blank;
  • Affiliate challenge with special prizes -> on/off -> if you have an ongoing challenge or getting ready to launch one during this promotion period or at the beginning of it;
  • Bonus for high performing affiliates -> on/off -> if you are offering performance based bonuses during this promotion period or overall the entire program;
  • Special banners relevant for the promotion -> on/off -> only if dedicated banners are uploaded for that particular promotion. If so, you should mention in the description the category that is associated with banners;
  • Special product feeds relevant for the promotion -> on/off -> only if dedicated product feeds are uploaded for that particular promotion. If so, you should mention in the promotion description the naming of the product feed;
  • Assign promotion to a shopping event -> if the promotion falls into a Shopping Event that is already inside the platform (i.e. Black Friday, Christmass), you should link the promotion with the corresponding shopping event. These shopping events inside the platform, will be defined by 2Performant and announced to all the advertisers and affiliates through a dedicated landing page.

Recommendation: List and enable the promotions that are not yet active on the site. Disable only those that have already ended 😉

Login the platform, list the current and future promotions. Publish them!

What are Shopping Events?

We’re sure you listed your promotions during Black Friday, Christmas or other special occasions in our promotional pages, specially created for these type of selling events:

In order to help assimilate information in the most easy way possible for users and, thus facilitate the generating process of promotion pages in a very short period of time, we have implemented the concept of Shopping Events.

These are defined by 2Performant in our platform and you will be able to associate a promotion with an ongoing or future shopping event.

You can look up the list of current or future events with the help of a dedicated menu: Shopping Events

Here you can search the shopping events by 3 criteria:

  • All Shopping Events -> all the existing shopping events;
  • Ongoing -> active shopping events;
  • Future -> shopping events that will take place in the future.

Currently, there are 2 different shopping events listed in 2Performant: Easter Shopping Event, which is in progress and we strongly recommend you to apply using all your promotions/offers that are prepared for Easter Holiday, and 1st of June, a future shopping event.

For more information about the promotions from affiliates’ accounts: See here all advertisers’ promotions.

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