We generated together, in more than 10 years, over 4,100,000 transactions for over 700 online shops, which paid over 11 million Euros in commissions through our platform, and we want to thank all of you for the trust you have placed in us.


The industry has evolved greatly and the way the affiliates’ profiles are being displayed is no longer suitable for where we are today.


We are preparing an important update for the affiliates’ profiles and we will need your help.


We’re still at the beginning as an industry. More and more companies understand the benefits of affiliate marketing and allocate great resources towards it, so they can fully take advantage of this collaboration method between brands and digital talents.


We’ve been, for years now, a community of experienced marketing professionals with remarkable results. We would like to get this point across both through the quantity and the quality of information we display in affiliates’ profiles, to offer advertisers correct and complete information about their partners, similar (at least partially) to what affiliates have access to about the advertisers.


Affiliate marketing means collaboration, and collaboration is built on trust. More information means more trust, which leads to better results for everybody. Furthermore, we want to standardize the display of information for all user categories in 2Performant in the future.


What is our goal with this update?

As a first step, all affiliate profiles listed in Affiliate Ranking need to have:

–  Accurate and updated profile pictures (personal photo or company logo, recommended size 250×250 – which you can add/change here: https://network.2performant.com/affiliate/profile.

–  Updated traffic sources – you can edit them here: https://network.2performant.com/affiliate/settings.

–  A short description of your experience as an affiliate and digital marketer, or your proposed promotional method. As such, each affiliate profile needs to have their Title field filled in, here: https://network.2performant.com/affiliate/settings.

All affiliate profiles which will not be updated until the 15th of October (postponed from the initial deadline set to 15 September) will be unlisted from Affiliate Ranking, and the traffic sources you haven’t sent traffic from in the last year will be deleted.


The Affiliate Ranking is „chased” by Advertisers and it represents the main source they use when recruiting new affiliates, based on their performances. At the same time, being listed in Affiliate Ranking gives you access to certain perks we offer regularly, one of the recent ones being the Health Insurance (read more about this here https://ro.2performant.com/blog/abonamente-de-sanatate-pentru-afiliatii-performanti/).


Hint: one of our top advertisers has recently rejected over 150 affiliates from their affiliate program (among them, top affiliates) because they didn’t mention their traffic sources in their profiles. Hundreds of affiliates’ requests remain Pending or are deleted because the information displayed in their profiles are not relevant enough for the advertisers.


Let’s increase the pace and make this profitable for everybody! To many more conversions!

  1. Hello! I have done all these 3, but the alert ‘Advertisers won’t see your profile in Affiliate Ranking after October the 15th, because it isn’t eligibile.You can do better. Here’s how: 3 things to do to improve your affiliate profile.’ still appears on my profile. How do I contact you to help me understand why?

    • Hello, Lorena,

      If you’ve done all 3, you can just close off the notice and you’re good to go! The notice is made to stick until the deadline expires.

      All the best from us at 2Performant!

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