We know the weather is still cold, but we think it’s never too early to say that spring is coming.

And we are so excited about it, that we have decided to mark this awesome time with a brand new challenge dedicated to our marketing superheroes.

For the newer members of our network, we should first say a few words about what’s up with these challenges. We know that affiliate marketers are suckers for getting better and better results all the time and sometimes they need an extra motivation. We also know that advertisers are more than happy to raise their sales anytime. So we figured out a competition for affiliates would be proper solution to make both sides happy. And just like any competition, there will be winners and there will be prizes.

Now this particular challenge is aiming to award the best 3 performing affiliates, in terms of processed commissions over the entire competition period – 22nd February – 21st March.
The prizes we have prepared are:

  1. iPhone 6S
  2. IPad Air
  3. Vector Meridian SmartWatch

But sometimes, there are also smaller achievements that should be rewarded, thus paving the way for bigger results. So we have decided to add some special 100 euro prizes for:

  • The biggest accepted commission during the campaign
  • The biggest number of accepted commissions in one day
  • The biggest number of accepted commisions in the Fashion Category

Ok, so what is it exactly that you need to do as an affiliate? Just do your best: generate as many sales as possible during this time. There is no sign up required. All your results will be included in this challenge automatically.

But what if you are an advertiser? All you have to do is keep up the good work, communicate with your affiliates, help them with all the tools necessary and why not, offer your own prizes to motivate them go the extra mile for you.

So all of you, make sure you are prepared for the next 30 days of awsome performance.

Best of luck to all and may the force of conversions be with you!

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