We are nearly halfway through the enrollment period for the Business League’s Mentorship program, so it’s time for a new Mentor profile: Mihai Broască, the experienced player behind Tampo21@BigAdvertising.ro. We know him, just as we know the other Mentors, but we always learn new things when we talk about new projects.

So here we go. How can a Hall of Famer (yup!), with 20 years of experience in SEO & PPC, and over 300 stores in his portfolio, help a Business League Start-Up-er who dreams big? First and foremost, he will help them avoid mistakes that translate into lost resources. It’s good to learn from mistakes, but even better to learn from those of others.

Once the foundation is set, in his role as Mentor, Mihai will provide Mentees with educational materials, including video tutorials, case studies, and examples of successful campaigns, so that progress can be seen as quickly as possible. All this, within a relationship carefully managed with market trends and consumer preferences.

“A clear understanding of the trends, what works and what doesn’t, today, is essential for anyone wanting to succeed in the Business League. Let’s seek this success together!”

While it sounds simple and much-discussed, audience segmentation remains very important in online sales. Any marketer needs to try, experiment, and draw their own conclusions. But it’s easier (and more fun) to experiment when you have someone by your side who has been through it all, right? That’s what the Mentors are for. Take the example of quality content. Everyone knows it’s necessary, some know how to make it, but how many manage to integrate it harmoniously into a sales campaign that attracts attention and rewards in the Business League? You can count them on the fingers of one Mentorship program.


There are marketers who dedicate themselves to a single path, while others constantly deviate. There is no right way or wrong way, as long as good results are obtained in a fair-play manner. Mihai Broască, for example, is not a proponent of just one marketing channel. Dependencies are unhealthy, he says, so the seven Mentees in his cohort for Season 3 will learn about diversifying channels and measuring results. Because although he doesn’t promise the moon and the stars—no performer takes such risks, precisely because they know what effort it involves—Mihai promises an experience of accelerated growth and development.

The Mentorship program within the Business League is about transferring know-how—from the best to those who want to become the best. Registrations end at the end of the month, and each Mentor can accept a maximum of 7 Mentees.

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