Our Mentorship Program for ambitious affiliates from the Business League is coming down the home stretch. We are launching it on April 1st, so don’t forget to read about its rules and benefits. Then, if you think you’re eligible (but especially if you’re ready to work), apply. Where to apply? Excellent question! On the profile of the Mentor who inspires you the most, starting April 1st.

We know – for an affiliate to make an informed decision, it’s good to know the person in front of them a bit more deeply. Meaning, beyond their numbers. Because it’s the person, not the numbers, you’re having discussions, calls, and coffees with.

Today we begin a series of materials that have exactly this purpose: to discover the person behind the mentorship. Mentor Profile.

And the first mentor profile is that of Lucian Ionescu. A seasoned marketer, a long-time Business League member, who once led District Conversion to the Unicorns level, and is now aiming for the same thing with Klikads.ro, the agency where he is a partner.

Lucian lives in Timișoara and has been working since the age of 17. First, it was physical work, then mental. When he turned 21, he got a job at a local IT company as a computer operator. Within a year, he was already a team leader on projects with over 100 people. There, in those three plus years, he acquired an entrepreneurial spirit and attention to detail.

He came across affiliate marketing through the dream of having an online store with his girlfriend. To sell, you need to do your homework damn well. Thus began the research, reading, asking. What traffic sources are there? Which are the best? How do they relate to the chosen niche? Dozens of questions, hundreds of hours of research.

And when he discovered affiliate marketing, he uttered the magic words: “This is for me.” And he’s been here ever since. His first small-but-significant victory was when he turned 800 lei into 4000 lei in just a few days. Not great, not terrible, but the biggest accomplishments were yet to come.

So here he is now, one of the most talented and efficient marketer-sellers in Romania. A guy who chose quality work over college, and now puts his time and knowledge at stake to help those who want and deserve to be helped.

What does he want from the partnership with Mentees? To see if he can help and to discover how his plans align with theirs.

What are his expectations? To work with serious, proactive people who are open-minded and open to opportunities.

What results does he believe he will achieve? Partnership with a receptive Mentee should take them from the first half of the Start Ups ranking to the level of Company or even Corporation.

On monday, April 1st you will be able to choose your Mentor in Business League. Login & choose wisely!

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