Matchups are there to be won. But until victory, we reach for the spectacle. For the essence of the competition, which, after all, is to excite and bring the viewer back, again and again. The Business League players put on a great Round, and we give them the well-deserved chronicle. So, here’s another Match-ups piece from Round 2, Stage 2.

The battles of the Marketers at the Corporations level are fought in pairs. INGBazar and (ranked 1st and 2nd) are separated by about 200 sales. To hope for the Unicorn Champions League, however, they need more. And lower in the rankings, we have and pricealert (ranked 3rd and 4th), also separated by only a handful of sales. What a ride!

The companies are also having interesting duels, which could spark proverbial fireworks. (#12) is trailing behind Shoply (#11), waiting for a misstep. And in the Start-Ups ranking, player TRUDA remains in the Top 10, after finishing 5th in the last Round. At the time of writing, is just two sales behind. Special mention to wptechy, who quickly climbed from the bottom to the number one spot in Freelancers. That’s the way to do it, bravo!

Moving on to the Merchants, and Flanco are the last two Corporations in the ranking, and to stay there, they need to at least double their sales in the next two weeks. Relegation hits hard.

We also look at Companies, where the Matchup vs. favors the Fashion player, not the Pharma one. This time. In Start-Ups, aosom is dominating the competition again this Round, so the battle is for the 2nd and 3rd places. Here, and are selling and selling, aiming for an upgrade and also for the 1st place.

We applaud the Freelancers who know that beginnings are not always easy, but the journey becomes more beautiful as you go. And the journeys worth taking are usually those taken as a team. That’s why we’re here. sets the tone for sales from the top spot, while and strive to keep up.

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