Round 3 of this second Stage of the season is already seeing some fierce competition in Business League. As it should be, since this is what brings us all together: the need for doing & getting better.

Let’s go over the Marketers to start this #matchups roundup. Heeeere’s GlewSolutions – the Start-Ups version. tbi bank and 2 are making a run for it already at the top, while IonutB and will be trying to keep up. These are the two duos we’ll probably be watching for the next weeks as they try to outdo the each other.

The Companies ranking has a very cool matchup as well to show for: it’s DTA and Selltoro at #6 and #7. Just one sale separating these long-term rivals. Plenty to go in the Round though. 

A great duel is shaping in Corporations as well, where seems to be INGBazar’s new nemesis. More than 200 sales between them already but we have a feeling there’s more to come here.

The Unicorns are already getting dominated by GlewSolutions again, and this has to become both frustrating and a bit boring for his rivals. SHOPIA and are trying and trying, but that’s not the same thing as succeeding.

Great to see the Newcomers getting the hang of it already. and are the ones escaping the Merchants pack so far, each with 12 sales. Hoping the others are taking notes of how you can get the ball rolling in record time. Good job!

For the first time in a while, the Freelancers are non-Romanian Merchants on top of the ranking: it’s and making a dent in the Romanian ego. Good to see. Γειά σου! Dobra rabota! and is another matchup we enjoy at #2 and #3 in the Start-Ups ranking. The two players you can always count on to fully and properly represent Fashion and Pharma. Keep at it, boys and girls!

It’s a feisty world in the Companies realm as well, with two players in particular that are not taking any prisoners: and Both have seen better days in terms of ranking and sales, but what seems to keep them going is the desire to outperform each other. Very cool.

Going over the beefs in Corporations, noticing is no longer fighting for a promotion, but for Bronze. Keep those sales up, bookworms!  

Matchups are constantly changing and delivering excitement.

Catch you next week with fresh stuff!

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