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Welcome to the challenge where you compete on 5 tracks and have a chance to win big prizes based on your performance.

The challenge starts on 4th April. Your goal is to complete as many laps of each race as possible by the end of the competition on 29th May. The winners will be announced on the 30th May.


Registration is open from 28.03 and for the duration of the competition. Members who register during a race will be considered for the next race.

Example: You sign up on Wednesday 6.04, you will compete in the race that starts on Monday 11.04, and we will consider your sales for the ranking starting that Monday.

You can register here:

Game Principle

The competition includes 5 Races, each lasting one week. 

  • Beauty Category: 4.04 – 10.04
  • Fashion Category: 11.04 – 17.04
  • Home & Garden Category: 9.05 – 15.05
  • IT&C Category: 16.05 – 22.05
  • Babies, Kids & Toys Category: 23.05 – 29.05

No entry thresholds

By entering the competition, participants are automatically entered in all races, whether they will participate in all of them or not. Transition from one race to another is automatic, with no minimum number of sales or results from previous races.

The aim of each race is to complete as many laps as possible:

  • Beauty category, one Lap = 20 sales
  • Fashion category, one Lap = 40 sales
  • Home & Garden category, one Lap = 15 sales
  • IT&C Category, one Lap = 15 sales
  • Babies, Kids & Toys category, one Lap = 10 sales

Prizes and Bonuses

  1. Bonus on completing a lap – You get a 5 euro bonus in your affiliate account on completing each lap. There is no minimum or maximum number of laps you must complete.
  2. End of Race Prizes – There are 5 races, each with 3 winners, based on the number of laps completed in that race. 
    Prizes are 300, 200 and 100 euros.
  3. End of Competition Prizes – We will award 5 final winners based on the number of laps completed in all races. 
    Prizes are 1000, 800, 600, 400 and 200 euros.

Stay tuned to this blog post – we’ll update it daily with the results of the challenge.

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