Marketing has definitely changed.
Finding and addressing consumers on hundreds of media channels (social media, blogs, mainstream publishers, niche content, forums) has become a task so complex that is actually not economically viable to be handled by most companies.


Is Pinterest good for your audience? Will Instagram help you to generate sales? Ello will stay on the market? How about Yo!? Should I start analyzing them as marketing channels? Should I use Acquisio? Hubspot? Double click?

In a world where hundreds of marketing tools are launching every year, it’s easy to lose your business focus. There’s a lot of questions you DO need to answer, but I believe most of them are about tailoring your product for a right group of buyers and position yourself ahead of your competition. You certainly need to understand and use directly the biggest marketing channels but other than that, I’d suggest to let the crowdmarketing to do the job.

Marketing is already a democracy and this is here to stay.

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