Let’s start November with an exciting challenge from our international partner, Kurtmann! The advertiser will reward the affiliates from Slovakia and Hungary.

There are 3 types of  prizes:

  • The first 10 commissions for each affiliate will be doubled.

You bring 10 commissions, we pay you 20. That’s so simple!

An important tip – try to make the first 10 be with the highest amount, as they will be doubled.

  • The biggest SALE (for each country) brings the affiliate a special prize – a coupon with its commission’s amount multiplied 10 times.

Register a commission of 100 euro and you will receive a coupon with 100 * 10 = 1,000 euro.

Another tip for you – focus on the big sales! Just 1 sale can bring you a huge bonus amount!

  • If you generate 10 approved commissions in Slovakia and 10 approved commissions in Hungary, you get a 200 euro coupon. No draws, no questions asked.

You are so good that you can generate traffic for both countries? And you are even better because you can generate at least 10 commissions in Slovakia and 10 commission in Hungary? Well, you’re 200 EURO richer!

The last tip – You can actually be the winner of all the prizes 🙂

The challenge is active during November 1st and November 30th, 2015. All the registered and approved commissions during this period will be taken into consideration. Coupons may be used for shopping on both shops Kurtmann.sk and Kurtmann.hu.

Don’t be shy – spread some traffic and get the prizes!

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