Kalapod.net has been for the past few years on the bookmarked webstores list for all the shoes fans in Romania. The desire to have as many pairs of shoes as possible lies in the depth of every woman’s heart, no matter the budget she has. Kalapod.net was born exactly for fulfilling this wish for those who can’t afford expensive products. But what can replace the joy of having shoes in all colors of this world?

Their products are extremely diverse and have highly competitive prices. Besides, they are targeted to a very large variety of consumers. This makes of Kalapod.net an online shop with products that are easy to promote even by the new, less savvy affiliates. Plus, their affiliate programs is in the hands of a dedicated person, so affiliates can always rely on fast responses and commission processing.

Since it is highly recommended that affiliates know and understand their advertisers as good as possible in order to achieve the best affiliate results, we are adding another episode to the advertisers’ interviews series. This time, we have been talking to Sebastian Cosmin Coșmor, Kalapod.net Marketing Manager.

1. When and how was Kalapod.net created?

Kalapod was launched in Romania in November 2013 and was created due to the market’s needs and to the general trend of online shopping. Up to then, we were selling footwear by wholesale to the bigger online stores and this way we took advantage of this niche with a huge potential. It all started with a 100 sqm storage that has now turned into a 6000 sqm storage.

2. How many people are working for this business?

As we want to offer the best services, we have a team of over 80 people that handle everything, from receiving the merchandise to delivering the orders to our customers.

3. How would you describe the market and the competition on this niche? What is Kalapod’s advantage?

Kalapod is well known on the market for the very good prices. This is due to the high quantities we are purchasing. We are in a very competitive market, considering the online shopping trend is growing. Every day is a new challenge because of the competition, but we are talking about a much needed fashion item so the market keeps creating demand.

4. Which was the most sold product on your site of all times?

The most sold product was a UGG type of boots, with decorating pebbles. We sold over 10,000 pairs in 2 days.

5. How would you describe the Kalapod.net customer?

The Kalapod customer can be anyone with a medium to small income. Our products are so diverse that they can satisfy a wide range of preferences.

6. What made you start your affiliate program and what do you think is this channel’s main advantage for you?

We started our affiliate program shortly after launching the website to make our products reach as many people as possible. The main advantage of affiliate marketing is that it can be considered a sales partner rather than another digital marketing channel and this is due to the percentage paid for completed sales. You pay for what you get.

7. Who is in charge of the affiliate program?

Our colleague, Marian Calinescu, is the one who makes sure all commissions are approved on time. He is also in charge of the periodical campaign and sales communication and the relationship with affiliates. He’s been working in online since 2008, he has been a blogger, worked in sales, as a web designer and marketing specialist.

He is organized, has an eye for details, very communicativ and creative. These qualities make him the right person for our affiliate program, as well for the other daily marketing activities for Kalapod.

He is into design, online marketing, IT& Tech and he spends his free time bike riding, blogging or playing video games.

8. What is the product or product category that works best in affiliate marketing?

We don’t have a certain product or category that works well. All of our products are well sold through affiliate marketing. However we have noticed that low price deals work the most.

9. What is the ideal affiliate for your program?

I believe you have previously received an answer on this from other advertisers. The best affiliate is the one that generates the most commissions. The ideal affiliate is the one that is good with pay per click, especially Facebook ads. He or she should know how to convey not only a low price but also an emotion to the customer behind the screen.

10. What are the main benefits an affiliate has in your affiliate program?

The main benefit for the affiliates of Kalapod.net is the dynamic of product variety and the fast commission generation. The client’s decision to buy is a fast one and that leads to a precise last click rate.

11. Any interesting or funny story about Kalapod?

I don’t know if this can be considered funny, but it’s surely unforgettable. Last year in November there were some issues with de development agency that was also responsible for the hosting services. On Black Friday we had to change the servers so we had our website down for half a day. It was a very difficult moment when we had to put up with each other, while losing hundreds of orders. Eventually the site was back up and everything came back to normal.

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Good luck!

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