Once upon a time, there was a marvellous kingdom where smart online savvies had fun helping groovy online stores turn up their sales. This kingdom was called 2Performant Network.

Because both the online gurus and the stores needed support and guiding to get the best results possibile, the kingdom started looking for an ingenious Junior Engagement Marketing Ninja. The Ninja would have the part of informing the inhabitants of the kingdom, of captivating their attention and lead them on the way to accomplishment.


If you look in the mirror and you see a person who:

  • Usually has words flowing in onto the keyboard
  • Can picture and explain a good marketing visual
  • Is not afraid to bring in unusual out of the box ideas and to carry them out
  • Has a gift to plan a marketing action and nail it all the way to the end
  • Is brave enough to check his/her work results and has the tenacity to improve them
  • Is determined to learn at least one new thing every day
  • Is not scared of a good challenge
  • Finds it acceptable to make his/her own decisions and to grasp on to the corresponding responsabilities


The Ninja Mission

The Junior Engagement Marketing Ninja is on a quest to make all the kingdom’s occupants happy and active, always engaged in their way to achieving their goals. That means he/she should

  • Be able to figure out how affiliate marketing works
  • Understand the order of things in the Land of Ecommerce
  • Dare to look Google Analytics in the eye and be able make sense of the reports
  • Be a fanatic of Social Media Marketing
  • Have previously met Email Marketing
  • Know what Pay per Click is made of and the general running ways of a Adwords and Facebook Campaign
  • Be speaking and writing Romanian and English as if his/her life depended on it


To be in harmony with the kingdom the future Ninja should

  • Have laughter as the main ingredient of his/her daily diet
  • Not function normally in extremely formal environments
  • Have an open mind and a natural curiosity
  • Be able to name effortlessly at least 3 characters from Game of Thrones 🙂

If you think you are fit to be a Ninja, drop us your CV at marketing@2performant.com.

Photo credit: Daniel Y. Go via Foter.com / CC BY-NC




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