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A while ago we published the story of SmarterClick, the affiliate marketing company that helps advertisers convert their own traffic better and get paid per sale. At the time, SmarterClick had been on the platform for a few months and they were becoming one of our top affiliates.

The article drew a lot of attention and led to new successful collaborations between SmarterClick and 2Performant advertisers. Among them is a well-known bookstore for which the results have been extraordinary:

Currently we are achieving some fantastic results with the strategically set campaigns that have helped the advertiser reach their KPIs and objectives. By implementing our dynamic basket solution, we were successfully able to achieve over 36% conversion rate.

Giedre Hebadj, Partnerships Manager

Their constant development led them to start a rebranding process which would reflect the true power of their technology and expertise. Read all about it in this new interview with Giedre Hebadj, Partnerships Manager (former SmarterClick).

What’s the story of your new branding? sounds so… intentional 🙂 Is it?

After eight years leading the way in the conversion rate optimization space as Smarter Click, we now roll out our new identity as globally. The news comes as the business is set to further diversify its offering, with new conversion tools and intent-driven solutions taking center stage to support the business’s recruitment drive and expansion plans.

We had originally launched the brand across APAC and North America, and the positive response and success we saw in these markets made it clear we should roll the rebrand out globally at the earliest opportunity.

Intent commerce is at the heart of everything we do along the conversion journey. Purchase intent, keyword intent, transactional intent, search intent, exit intent (to name a few!). It made sense for us to align with this area of commerce. 

Did you add new services to your offering? Are there new implementations you can do through affiliate marketing?

We will soon be announcing the next solution in the offering – you’ll just have to wait a few weeks to hear all about it! But what we can say is that it’s a natural evolution of the business and offers further smarter technology that increases margin and drives justifiable and incremental sales to the partners we work with.

We’ll share more with you when we can!

It sounds exciting! Does it mean you made some improvements to your technology?

As the phrase goes we’ve conducted a lot of activities ‘under the bonnet’ which isn’t just across our technology stack but also across the wider business operation. Our technology is always evolving and under review.

Were there any features that you developed based on advertisers’ feedback or requests?

We’re constantly developing based on feedback from our valued partners and also from the latest technology advancements. Life with begins with really understanding what you, the client, sees as a pain point. We’ll then work with you to understand these challenges, produce KPIs and measurable metrics that we then set out to achieve for you.

Do you expect to see improvements in your results?

Absolutely. Our technology is improving and through this, we’re able to improve results on a micro and macro level. 

What’s the most used feature in your portfolio?

Dynamic Basket is one of the most used features in our portfolio, as it shows consumers what they are about to leave behind, and encourages them to complete their purchase journey. 

More about

It’s been 3 month since our first interview. Have you started new collaborations since then? Can you share a few results? 

We have recently started to collaborate with one of the biggest online bookstores in Romania. Currently, we are achieving some fantastic results with the strategically set campaigns that have helped the advertiser reach their KPIs and objectives. 

Together with their team, we have worked on how to reduce cart abandonment rates and improve site engagement via different campaigns. For basket abandonment we are using dynamic basket functionality, this means that as a consumer went to exit without completing their purchase we displayed the incentive-led messaging previously used however the campaign was also populated with the product within the customer basket. By implementing our dynamic basket solution, we were successfully able to achieve over 36% conversion rate. Additionally, we utilised another strategy which was for customers abandoning the site without using promotional pages, this campaign generated over 26% conversion rate.

What do you say to advertisers who are still reluctant to use your technology through affiliate marketing?

Our approach is to be as transparent and KPI-driven as possible through the client’s entire journey with We’ve worked with all types of brands and of all sizes. This enables us to produce campaigns with clear goals that start to improve onsite conversion rates, and we can work with the client to turn the dials on conversion rate further as our partnership grows.

You can reach out to Giedre on the platform to start a collaboration with

Read the initial interview with (former SmarterClick) to learn how you can improve your conversion rate and pay only for sales generated.

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