Rafael Nadal just played his last match at Roland Garros. A somewhat expected defeat to Alexander Zverev ended a legendary run at one of the world’s most beautiful tournaments. The matchup between Nadal and Zverev is unusual and likely concludes with this 7-3 for Rafa. But beyond the numbers and the context of each tournament, there remains tennis—the craft, the art that both practice. Nadal, for over 20 years. Zverev, more recently.

And if we look to the great athletes of our times, from LeBron and Federer to Hamilton and Tiger Woods, a high-level matchup has the remarkable quality of making even the protagonists better. They compete fiercely, but without each other, they would be poorer, and the spectacle would be diluted. We, the spectators, would be less involved and enchanted.

In Business League, new matchups are born every day. Some last days, others entire seasons. The intensity is given by the results achieved, the records broken, and the stakes in the competition. With just a few days before the end of the Round, let’s look at the current duels. It’s head-to-head.

productXL.com and SHOPIA never let up on each other. They’ve secured their presence at the highest level in Business League for another Round, and now all that’s left is to secure a fighting chance against the leader Glew.

The performance of INGBazar might not have been as good without the presence of Tipli.ro trailing closely. They are now separated by about 200 sales, in the top two spots. Meanwhile, still in Corporations, Selltoro and DTA do not look as strong as they did in other Rounds. It’s not their bottom two positions that should worry them, but the numbers. But as football commentators say, there’s still time until June 2nd.

We move to Companies, where CashClub and Dateio are pushing hard, wheel-to-wheel, in the final bends. There are 40 sales between them, and it promises to be a week where they throw everything into the game. The Start-Ups are doing just fine too. Mihai.Croitoru and Ionuț.B are fighting for the 3rd and 4th spots, as well as for a long-awaited promotion to Companies.

A four-way duel that we’re watching with bated breath and popcorn in hand is happening among the Corporate Merchants: Answear.ro, Noriel.ro, Nichiduta.ro, and Esteto.ro are separated by only 300 sales. We won’t make predictions, but if we did, we’d say it’s going to be a photo finish. Next week we’ll post the picture in the group. That is, here.

We also see a classic Books-Pharma duel at Start-Ups, where anticexlibris.ro and videt.ro have numbers on the verge of promotion to Companies. Very cool. The two keep an eye on each other, but from Round 3, they aim for a higher level. We’re watching them too; may it be a great fight!

Tueeeeeeeesday’s gone, but we’ll be back next week with fresher or more mature duels. Meanwhile:

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