If you would have the chance to speak with the most influential PPC Expert, what would you ask him? Here, at 2Performant, we had the honour to have Larry Kim, the founder of WordStream, as the first guest for the new How 2Perform in Online video serial. Larry Kim had shared with us precious tips from its broad experience. You can find out how to sell with Social Media, with a low budget, or how to keep the cost of clicks down in AdWords campaigns.

Larry Kim is really amazing, he speaks with passion about online marketing and every keynote speech that he delivered had many case studies and tips&tricks. Besides his work at MobileMonkey (chatbots for marketers, no coding required!), Larry is a top contributor for leading industry publications and sites like Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Moz Blog, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and Social Media Examiner. Also, he was recently named “Most Influential PPC Expert” for 2015, 2014 and 2013 by PPC Hero Blog. And just to spice up a little this discussion, he has about 109.000 followers on Twitter. Just Wow. Definitely, you should follow him @larrykim.

We say that you have plenty of reasons to watch the following interview with Larry Kim and to take notes.

Here are some key takeaways from this interview:

  1. How to sell on Social Media, with low budget
    • use the power of custom audiences, you can use very targeted ads to very specific people, all kind of techniques that allow you to generate business with low spending.
    • use super remarketing – better than remarketing, instead of advertising to everyone who have visited your site, you can narrow to people who have visited your site and have a certain interest, certain demographics.
  2. AdWords common mistakes
    • AdWords greatest win is that you have so much feedback and data about your campaigns. The greatest error is that many specialists are very busy and do not use data for optimising. Every week spend few minutes reviewing the results and making changes in campaigns.
  3. How can you keep the cost of clicks down?
    • Be very picky, leveraging all the new features like customer match, time of day, location, device bid management, you don’t want to buy every click, just the best clicks for your product.
  4. Mobile marketing tactics for an e-commerce site
    • Take advantage of the new formats, like product listing ads on Google.
    • Take care of the keywords you use.
  5. The biggest challenges for an e-commerce business in 2016 are…
    • adapting your business and marketing to the fact that people are using internet different from two years ago. The shift to mobile is challenging. The winners will be the ones who will take advantage of this.
    • the cost per click is higher and higher.
  6. 2 things that an online business must do starting tomorrow 2perform.
    • Facebook advertising
    • Remarketing. (you can find more details in the video)

Once again, in the video you can find many more useful and detailed explanations. Many thanks to GPeC and FlexiLive teams for their support in having this interview.

This is just the beginning of 2Performant video interviews, we advise you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to not miss all the fun.

If you have feedback for us, it will be very appreciated. Also, please tell us your preferences about specialists that you would like to see here.


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