Google Ads Direct Link – Google Ads campaigns direct to advertiser website.

Google Ads to affiliate Landing Page – Google Ads campaigns to affiliate website.

Advantages of Direct Linking

  • The affiliate has the opportunity to test the supplier’s products before implementing a site. Ideally, the affiliate should direct link test as many products in the same niche as possible, but from several suppliers to see which sell best.
  • The affiliate does not need to have any programming skills. He can promote via direct link through twitter, viral marketing, blogging, Google Ads, Newsletter.

Disadvantages of Direct Linking

  • The affiliate cannot make a pre-sale. He cannot give his personal opinion about the product or let others comment on the product (except on the supplier’s page).
  • The traffic sent is for a short period of time.

Advantages of Landing Pages

  • The affiliate customizes and tests their design. In addition, the affiliate can promote products from multiple suppliers on one landing page (as opposed to direct linking).
  • Possibility of pre-sale. The affiliate provides details to visitors of what they are about to buy. He can make a more detailed review than on the supplier’s page with pluses and minuses of the product, with more pictures, examples of use, etc.
  • The affiliate can also monetize this page in another way: creating a database of potential customers in that area (for example, visitors who liked the review can subscribe to the newsletter).

Disadvantages of Landing Pages

  • It takes longer for the affiliate to create a landing page
  • May require programming skills

Allowed or Forbidden?

If Google Ads Direct Link campaigns are allowed, you will see a green tick on the advertiser description.

For example, in the image below Kiwi.com and Fly Dubai approve this type of campaigns.

All advertisers allow Google Ads campaigns to affiliate websites

If these types of campaigns are forbidden you will see that specified in the advertiser’s description or in the special conditions section. We don’t encourage advertisers to forbid affiliates to do Google Ads campaigns to their affiliate websites. But there are some cases when those campaigns are forbidden by the advertiser.

You can filter Advertisers that allow Google Ads Direct Link campaigns from the Advertisers ranking list in your profile.

Important to know before setting up a Google Ads campaign

ATTENTION! Brand bidding is forbidden on 2Performant in his TOS.

Advertisers can also insert a list of forbidden keywords in their description or special conditions. You must include those keywords in the Negative keywords section of your Google Ads Campaigns.

Advertisers can also have some special conditions regarding Google Ads campaigns Direct Link or Landing page ones. Please read carefully the advertiser TOS and special conditions.

If you are not sure whether your campaigns comply with advertiser and 2Performant TOS contact the advertiser or our support team.

Google Ads Linker

Google Ads Linker is a tool developed by 2Performant only for Google Ads Direct Link campaigns.

If you are not familiar with this tool please read the documentation here.

Starting February 2022 Google Ads Linker tool is available also for international programs.

International advertisers that allow Google Ads Direct Link campaigns

MiniintheboxOnline Mall
TomTopOnline stores
PeggyBuyOnline stores
GsHopperOnline stores
CafagoOnline stores
ArmadaDealsOnline stores
Red RickshawOnline stores
Sunsky-onlineOnline stores
Farmacia Loreto GalloPharma
Dyson ESElectronics
StreetprorunningOnline stores
Lacoste HUFashion
Lacoste PLFashion
Lacoste CZFashion
Lacoste SKFashion
DepositphotosOther Services/Photo
DHGateOnline stores

This table will be updated on a 2 week schedule.

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