Humans and machines of Business League, it’s that time of the week again. When we get to see who’s hassling whom in the race for sales. Who’s constantly watching over their shoulders and who’s making a run for it, leaving all doubt and competition behind. This week’s #Matchsups are here.

We feel a need for speed to start with the Freelance Marketers. The champs of tomorrow. and MarketerPana are showing off their talents right from the start. They have both started to make sales, and they’re going for the top spot (where we find SaintSylveszter now) as they fight each other at #2 and #3. 

The Start-Ups have been delivering their own races for the press recently. Here’s Ionut.B and MariusTopuzaru. They have just 2 sales separating them right now. Keeping an eye on these two competitors that are now at 4th and 5th in Business League. 

Expandeo is keen on surpassing the leader in Companies, They were running on 4th place just a few days ago, but now threatening to go big in the rankings. Less han 40 sales between them and plenty to go in the Round.

Switching to those ambitious Merchants in Business League that always have a full tank, it’s impossible not to mention the best Newcomers again. We see you, and These players are not only going at it with each other, but are set to break some records. They’ll be shooting for Company numbers soon, that’s for sure. At #1 and #2 currently and what treat to watch them rise!

In the Start-Ups realm, two new contenders to be noticed: and Currently flying at low altitude at 8th and 9th place, they clearly represent all that’s ambitious in Beauty and Fashion. Looking forward to see them fly higher.

Flanco has seen better days in Business League, but such is the competition, right? They’re making the best of it, though, in Companies, as they’re up there once more fighting for promotion with

A well-deserving shoutout to the Corporate environment among them Merchants, that have been fighting like crazy for several Rounds now to become even more competitive. Looking at and here, who are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to beat their opponents but also their own limits. We see their strides as they fight for 1st place, but we also feel their appetite for much more than that.

New day, new chance to better your role in Business League. Go for it!

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