On 6th of August 2017, we launched Affiliate Ranking – the first permanent affiliate ranking based on the number of approved commissions generated in the last 90 days.

This ranking is visible only within the 2Performant platform – for all active advertisers and listed affiliates.

Based on it, the advertisers can contact affiliates and initiate collaborations for the first time. Also, affiliates will always know their position within the ranking – both in each category and in the general one.

The ranking includes all new affiliates + old affiliates who opt to display their position.

For this new feature release, we have organized a private event at 2Performant headquarters on the 5th of August. At this event we invited the most important members of the network – affiliates and top online stores, important partners, people who have been with us over the years and with whom we evolved.


At the private event, our guests had access to this new feature and the best performing affiliates had the chance to become the first leaders within the ranking – for the top 4 categories and also the entire network.

Congratulations to the top leaders in the categories:

Fashion: Gabriel Nica
IT&C: Octavian Jomir
Beauty: Dragos Bunea
Books: Octavian Jomir

For the big winner – the first absolute leader in Affiliates Ranking – we prepared a surprise same as the importance of the event – all participants at the event could see live the engraving of the specially prepared trophy, from the Agrafa Print headquarters.

Congratulations to Octavian Jomir – The First Absolute Leader in Affiliate ranking by 2Performant!

… and a warm Thank you to all participants at the event, it was an honor to have you with us! We’ll see you soon at the next events!



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