We’re off to a very good start – we have 30 affiliate programs live and more than 600 affiliates – and we want to reward the best performing affiliates.

Right now they generated more than 300k clicks and 700+ sales for our clients. We raise the stakes here – starting from the sales #800, we will pay 100 euro bonus to the affiliate who will generate the sale with a number ending in 2 zeros :). 

So, we will pay €100 for the sales #800, 900, 1000 … until sale #2000 when we will pay ….. €2000 euro bonus for the affiliate who will generate it! That’s right, €2000 bonus! 

You can see the sales and commissions generated (almost) in real time on our home page 2Performant in the first screen, and in the footer you can see the total numbers. To select the winners we will use the same cron we’re using to display the total number of the sales in our footer.  

We will announce each winner by email when he or she will be eligible for the bonus, after registering the respective sales. 

There are only 2 conditions to be eligible for the bonuses: 

  • to give us a short interview about your activity and how you generate commissions – this will help you a lot in the future in your relationship with the advertisers, too. We will publish the interviews on our facebook page 2Performant and some of them on our blog. 
  • to generate the commissions in an ethical manner, but that’s kind of obvious, right? :). So no fooling around, if someone will try to double-cross us we will ban his/hers account from the network. Read again our terms and conditions 2Performant (especially the introductory part) to understand better what we mean. 

So we should have 12 winners for 100 bonuses and one for the big, fat €2000 bonus. 

If some of the winners will not be eligible for any reason, the respective bonuses will be reported to the next winners. 

If you have any questions, please post them here so anyone else could see the answer. 

May the Force of conversions be with you! 

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