[UPDATE] Fashion Days affiliate program is now active in 2Performant [UPDATE]

Starting with the night between Sunday and Monday, at 12 AM, the biggest Romanian online retailer, Fashion Days, is returning to 2Performant. Also, as an absolute novelty for 2Performant, we’ve implemented tracking for the mobile app. This is an important moment for our fashion niche affiliate network, since 68% of all fashion transactions from 2Performant have been registered on mobile in the last 6 months (more details here).

Corina Preoteasa, Head of Digital Marketing, Fashion Days: “We are happy to be able to resume our collaboration, we believe that the 2Performant network has a very good affiliate portfolio, with which we can create amazing projects.”

Dorin Boerescu, CEO 2Performant: “It is a natural step to collaborate again with Fashion Days, as well as very good news for our entire affiliate portfolio. I want to thank Fashion Days and Emag technical teams, who’ve worked together with ours in order to implement the first case of 2Performant tracking in a mobile app. Throughout the entire launch process, our team has worked very well with the Fashion Days marketing department – we are sure to have an excellent long-term collaboration.”

If you want to wok with Fashion Days, here is what you need to know in order to get ready for Sunday night:

  • Fashion Days has over 200 brands in its portfolio, the highest selling being: Nike, Puma, Guess, Next, Pepe Jeans, Desigual, Converse, Diesel, New Balance, Fossil, Furla, Ted Baker. They hold exclusivity over GAP & Banana Republic, and the most sold categories in the store are footwear (sportswear and summer wear), bags, watches and dresses.
  • It offers same-day delivery in Bucharest and Ilfov, through courier, easybox or showroom, as well as planned delivery.
  • Standard delivery is done through Romanian Post Office and Emag showrooms.
  • They provide flexible and fast returns, within 30 days in the showroom (immediate refund), Romanian Post Office or courier.
  • The average value of an order is 300 RON without VAT, about 2 products/order.

The online fashion market records an yearly increase of 14-18%, strengthening its place in the Romanian online hierarchy, due to the rising appetite for fashion and beauty. An important role in this ascension is played by the industry’s professionalism.

Those who have success in online fashion have understood that in order to develop, they need to diversify traffic resources. That’s why the affiliates’ role has become increasingly important.

Partnerships created between advertisers and their affiliates must be based on mutual trust, and the 2Performant platform is the safe space needed to ensure protection for both parties.

We’ve built, little by little, a robust and performing platform, using constant market feedback, offering permanent attention to the needs and desires of our customers. Proof of this consists of the almost 4 million transactions in over 10 years of activity, valued at over 150 million euros, generated by affiliates for our clients, using our tracking and collaboration technology.

Although the platform hosts advertisers from various categories, the fashion industry is leading, with 150 listed stores, proving 2Performant’s relevance in this ecosystem.

During the period of January-May 2019, our affiliates have generated over 7,2 million clicks and 85.000 sales in the fashion niche alone, with a transactional value of 3,1 million euros plus VAT.

From this data we can see that our affiliates are professionals with an extraordinary capacity to generate large-scale sales. We support them with an intuitive and friendly platform, built to help them concentrate on the fun side of their job.

Through the 2Performant and Fashion Days collaboration, you can win, as an affiliate, 5% of every online transaction generated. Again, including the ones placed on the mobile app. The recurrence is of 10 days. We’ll see each other Sunday night, at 12 AM, on the platform. Log in now on the platform with your affiliate account or create one now. If you are a content creator on Facebook, Instagram or have a personal fashion blog, and believe the Fashion Days launch is a good time to try affiliate marketing, contact us at support at 2performant.com and we’ll show you how to complete the first steps.

We hope you, our affiliates, are as excited as we are for this comeback and want to thank you for the trust you give us daily, forcing us, through your high-performance, to be efficient ourselves.


[UPDATE] Fashion Days affiliate program is now active in 2Performant [UPDATE]


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