For over 10 years, Fashion Days has been the online destination offering unlimited fashion experiences to its over 1.000.000 Romanian, Bulgarian, and Hungarian clients. It is the place where clients from anywhere can always find clothing, foot wear, women’s, men’s, and children’s accessories from a multitude of brands, such as Fossil, Furla, Max&Co, Guess, Adidas, Puma, Pepe Jeans, DESIGUAL, Diesel, Nike, Esprit, Love Moschino, NEXT, Mango, United Colors of Benetton, Napapijri, Ted Baker, a.m.o.

(Re)launched in 2019, the Fashion Days affiliate program is the first 2Performant program to have mobile app tracking. To make this possible a special integration was needed, one that required work on the part of both of our teams. The need to implement mobile app tracking arose from a data analysis that showed, at the time, that 68% of the fashion transactions registered in 2Performant in the previous months had been completed via mobile.

This decision proved to be a correct one: in the past 3 months the conversions registered in the app made up 60% of the total conversions registered in 2Performant. So, mobile app tracking was an absolute must.

Our IT and marketing teams have worked together very well in order to relaunch our affiliate program. We are glad to have partners such as 2Performant, who help us to consistently reach our objectives.

Daniela Pîrlogea, Affiliate Manager la Fashion Days

Affiliate marketing is a constant presence in the Fashion Days business

The number of conversions rises during discount sales periods, but it doesn’t mean that’s the only time when you should pay attention to your affiliates. Conversions are directly proportional to the previously built awareness, so an experienced marketer will build for the long haul and will correctly integrate channels in the brand strategy.

”Affiliate marketing is part of both our brand and our sales strategies. It plays an important role in our marketing mix, along with the other performance marketing tools, direct marketing, Social Media, radio, TV, offline activations.”

Up to 7,5% conversion rate

The average conversion rate in the Fashion Days affiliate program is 2%. During the large shopping events, the rate can go up to 7,5%.

Over 3500 affiliates registered in the program

The Fashion Days affiliate program has generated a great deal of interest as soon as it relaunched, which motivated them to develop a multitude of projects meant to boost the affiliates’ performance.

After exactly one year, we can say that we’ve had a 360% increase in the number of sales, and a 538% increase in the value of all sales, compared to the same month of last year (June 2019)

Tell me if you’re using the platform’s tools and I’ll tell you if you’re successful!

The platform’s functionalities have been developed based on the needs of our users, and those who perform well take full advantage of them. Among them is Fashion Days.

  • Messaging – this tool is one of the most used on the platform

”We use the messaging tool to send our new website-run campaigns to the affiliates, the services we offer, the news about Fashion Days, but also to answer questions from our affiliates.”

  • Promotion tools

”For our most important projects, we put a large number of banners and a constantly updated feed of our online store products at our affiliates’ disposal. Also, we use the Promotions section to provide more visibility to our website campaigns.

  • Reporting

”As every action we undertake must be measured, another section we often check is the Statistics page.”

We’re building a community

We asked Daniela which, in her opinion, are the greatest benefits of the platform, technical or otherwise:

The constant engagement with affiliates and advertisers, the constant communication with them, organizing events and competitions, the creation of training materials for affiliates and advertisers, are the greatest benefits of the 2Performant platform.

”We are constantly analyzing the results, so that we can be sure that we are reaching our affiliate marketing objectives.”

In affiliate marketing, high performance can be attained through constant engagement. The active affiliates are those who strive to promote the brands, but they need reciprocity. A message sent today and left unanswered can become irrelevant tomorrow and the opportunity may be lost.

”We are trying to check up on all affiliates applying for the Fashion Days affiliate program on a daily basis, so that we can make sure all of their requests are processed quickly. The same applies to the messaging section, because we want to offer prompt answers to any questions arising. We communicate with them as much as possible, be it about campaigns, or other information that may be of use to them promoting us.”

Concrete actions for incentivizing affiliates

The platform provides many incentivizing tools, from setting preferential commissions, to granting special bonuses to the best-performing affiliates.

Fashion Days makes the best of them:

”We want to be able to enjoy great campaign results along with our affiliates. So, we are encouraging them to promote us by offering increased commissions for definite time periods* at the start of the campaigns when the conversion rate is also very good. Also, for last year’s Black Friday, we organized a challenge meant to reward the affiliates who were already promoting us, but also those who were new to the affiliate program.

*for example, we have Happy Hours during which we raise the commission from 5% to 8%, something we had also done for last year’s Black Friday, for the whole day of November 13th.

We are a team

Motivated by results, Daniela is implementing the recommendations she gets from Tudor Copaci, Account Manager 2Performant, in the Fashion Days affiliate program.

”Together with our Account Manager, Tudor Copaci, we are analyzing the performance reports on a monthly basis, in order to make sure that we are on a growing trend and to try and find solutions for further developing our affiliate program, but also to make sure that we are maximizing our use of the platform’s functionalities.”

How much faith you have in your affiliate program matters

”We support our affiliate program by also featuring it on the Fashion Days website next to a link to its dedicated 2Performant page. This way, those interested in promoting us can sign up directly by accessing this section.”

Fashion in the time of a pandemic?

In the context of the Covid19 pandemic, Fashion Days has launched new projects:

  • Opening up the platform to the offline retailers – this granted them access the logistical infrastructure, the technological and payment platforms;
  • Creating the Romanian Corner – a project that reunites a selection of the newest collections of clothing, foot ware, and accessories, belonging to local brands and creators

”All of these projects have also been communicated to our affiliates so that they could promote the new brands and products that had entered the Fashion Days portfolio. At the same time, I think that during this period affiliates have channeled their efforts very well and have not slowed their work pace, as remarkable results have been registered in important campaigns, such as Xmas in July.”

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