A valuable collaboration in 2Performant means added value for everyone playing at the same table. Esteto.ro is one of the examples of such collaboration – for 10 years, the affiliate program has been growing with us and with the affiliates who perform for and alongside the advertiser. We celebrate these 10 years with a moment of respite, where we look at the results and the people who made them possible. And with a surprise for the affiliates in the Esteto.ro program that you will find out during the article.

In a short interview, we take this moment of respite with Octavian Jomir, Co-Founder of Esteto.ro and 2Performant friend for over 10 years.

How was the Esteto.ro business born? What thoughts did you start with?

We had an online experience at that time, 10 years ago, and we started with the idea of developing a beauty store that would offer customers quality services, competitive prices, and a wide variety of products. We believe we have achieved that – but more importantly, our customers say so too.

How do you feel about the 10 years of Esteto.ro now? And 10 years of Esteto.ro in the 2Performant network?

It’s been 10 years, during which Esteto has grown steadily. The growth is also due to the 2Performant community, which has helped us generate performance and achieve our main goal during this time:

  • Sustainable sales growth and profitability
  • Meaning wise investment
  • Scalable results for the next 10 years

Today, the Esteto.ro affiliate program is the number 1 program in sales generated in the Beauty category in 2Performant. What were the main pillars you followed to achieve this performance?

We have spent 10 years treating our 2Performant partners with seriousness, encouraging performance, and inspiring confidence. Our affiliate program has consistently grown in the top advertisers in 2Performant, which makes us extremely happy. It proves that we and our affiliates do an excellent job together and function as a team.

If an online store owner in the Beauty niche would like to open an affiliate program in 2Performant tomorrow, what advice would you give them?

I would tell them that for Esteto, affiliation through 2Performant has been from the beginning and continues to be one of the most profitable marketing investments we have made.

A message for the affiliates in your affiliate program would be:

Esteto is now one of the most significant Romanian online stores in the Beauty category – and this is also thanks to you. We thank you for your involvement and for the contribution you have had to Esteto’s growth. The results from the last 10 years are extraordinary! And because we like to mark important moments with creative ideas and impact on the business and affiliates’ lives, we have a surprise for them. On March 18th, the day we officially celebrate 10 years since the launch of the Esteto.ro affiliate program in 2Performant, we will increase the commissions* obtained by affiliates and validated on that day by 10 times!

*The value of the commission for which 10x the standard commission will be offered is capped at the average commission value from the last month (the average commission in the last 30 days is 2.3 EUR, if higher commissions are registered, the initially registered commission plus 9 x 2.3 EUR will be offered).

**10x the standard commission will be offered within the limit of 1 order placed for an end customer (if the same customer places multiple orders, only the first order will benefit from the increased commission).

***10x the standard commission will be offered only for products sold by Esteto (products sold by Esteto Marketplace partners are excluded) and only for orders placed by individuals (legal entities are excluded from this campaign).

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