In order to stay relevant, you need to know the latest industry trends and know how you’re performing compared to the overall market.

Here at 2Performant we believe in transparency and data-driven decisions.

Over the last 10 years we have generated over 4.2 Million Sales and around 170 Million EUR in value from more than 360 Million Clicks for more than 700 eCommerce stores in Romania.

Our goal is to help eCommerce store owners generate more sales and awareness by connecting them to a pool of digital marketing specialists. We help you find, collaborate with and pay the right marketing specialists for your business and brand. We do that through a self service online platform. Our platform tracks thousands of clicks and conversions each day. It allows you to manage collaborations and their conditions. You can pay as many specialists as you like using 1 contract and 1 invoice. Read more

We believe that the best results are achieved by smart people working together towards a common goal. That’s why we set out on a journey to provide you an accurate and just in time status of the eCommerce market. This would help you compare yourself with others in the same niche and spot some opportunities for improvement using the data we collect in our systems.

Some of the key insights we’ve spotted:

You can download the images, SHARE or use them in presentations.

46.5% of Conversions take place in less than 1 hour from the click, while 28% of conversions take place after more than 4 days from the click.

However, when the customer is still in the evaluation phase of an acquisition, your job is to provide relevant information about the product and retarget him in order to remind him of his interest in the product

We buy more from mobile devices, but desktop orders are more expensive.

Mobile devices account for 72% of traffic but only 57% of sales value. Average order value was 43.9 EUR without VAT on Mobile, while on Desktop it was 57.5 EUR without VAT.

Website navigation and product exploration are much more important on mobile devices

Mobile devices account for 72% of traffic but only 64% of sales. Conversion rate was 1.8% on Mobile, while on Desktop it was 2.2%

We navigate and buy from Mobile in the late evening, while on Desktop we navigate and buy between late morning and lunchtime.

We are most active on mobile devices between the hours 8 PM and 12 AM – this interval accounts for 29% of traffic and 26% of sales. On desktop devices we are most active between the hours 10 AM and 2 PM – this interval accounts for 27% of traffic and 30% of sales.

During day time conversion rate is better on desktop, but during the night it’s better on mobile.

Also the highest proportion of all sales, 4,6%, occur on mobile devices between hours 22 and 23.

Remember that data become valuable only when it’s put to use, so take some time to analyze this and do something about it.

May the force of conversions be with you!

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