We’ve launched a new feature in the Business League: Coupon Code. If it’s been requested by players, it means it’s useful, and we’re glad we could deliver. This feature allows any Merchant to provide Marketers with promotion codes for special campaigns they are running.

The process is super simple: you go to the “Promotions” section in your Merchant account and find the field designated for this code. You enter it there, and thus, Marketers who have coupon websites, for example, can quickly and easily incorporate the special benefits allocated by you for a campaign into their sites.

For clarity, there are 2 description fields for the campaign:

  1. Description for customers: how the campaign is communicated to buyers.
  2. Description for Marketers: details for partner Marketers who will participate in the campaign.

The feature is already live, and you can test or analyze it. And if you do, we’d appreciate any feedback. There’s probably room for improvement, and you can guide this “betterment,” as you have done so far.

And speaking of testing, here’s an export file template.

The flow looks like this:

  1. When adding a promotion, as a Merchant, you can separately add a discount code in this field, if the promotion includes such a coupon.
  2. The coupon will be displayed in the promotion listings, both in Merchant and Marketer accounts.
  3. In the promotion listings, a export button has been added, which generates a .csv file with all the promotion details, including coupons, if any.
  4. Also in the promotion listings, both in Merchant and Marketer accounts, we’ve added a filtering option that allows you to display exclusively promotions that include a discount coupon.

The new functionality streamlines and streamlines a fragment of the Merchant’s work that really needed it. And as the saying goes: there’s no time like the present. So, put it to work.

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