Take part in the Black Friday marketing expedition and reach your digital performance peak. Go beyond your limitations and climb up high on the Black Friday Marketing Mountain to snag one of the prizes 2Performant and our advertiser partners prepared for you.

Black Friday Mountain Expedition is the challenge we run during the 2020 Black Friday period, with prizes totaling EUR 9600.

The affiliate challenge takes place between November 9th and November 30th and uses Affiliate Ranking as a benchmark. So, if you want to earn additional bonuses during the hottest sale period of the year, make sure you’re listed in the Affiliate Ranking until November 9. Between Nov 9th, 10 AM and December 2nd listing will not be possible.

The Affiliate Challenge has multiple layers and there are lots of opportunities to earn additional bonuses.

The main challenge takes Affiliate Ranking and weekly variation into consideration. Total prizes value EUR 4000.


  • Starting from November 12th until November 30th, every Monday and Thursday, the affiliate with the highest weekly variation from each page of the Black Friday Challenge – Mountain Expedition will receive prizes as follows:

🏔️ The golden ax – 65 EUR (Page 1 in Affiliate Ranking, affiliates from no. 1 to no. 20)

🏔️ The silver safety clasp – 55 EUR (Page 2 in Affiliate Ranking, affiliates from no. 21 to no. 40)

🏔️ The kevlar backpack – 45 EUR (Page 3 in Affiliate Ranking, affiliates from no. 41 to no. 60)

🏔️ The velvet harness – 35 EUR (Page 4 in Affiliate Ranking, affiliates from no. 51 to no. 80)

🏔️ The steel winch – 25 EUR (Page 5 in Affiliate Ranking, affiliates from no. 61 to no. 100)

  • At the end of the challenge, on November 30th, top 3 affiliates from Black Friday Challenge – Mountain Expedition will receive the following prizes:

🏔️ For reaching the top of Affiliate Mountain – First Place – 900 EUR

🏔️ For reaching the Performance Lodge – Second place – 500 EURO

🏔️ For reaching the Conversions Meadow Lodge – Third place – 400 EURO

  • Also, we will award special prizes to the top 3 affiliates, based on the value of commissions obtained from our advertiser partners in this challenge:

🏔️ For reaching The Success Rest Stop – First place – 450 EURO

🏔️ For reaching The Dependable Man Rest Stop – Second place  – 250 EURO

🏔️ For reaching The High End Rest Stop – Third place – 150 EURO

At the same time, our advertiser partners run their own challenges with prizes totaling EUR 5600. 

Our advertiser partners in the Black Friday Mountain Expedition Challenge:

AdvertiserPrizes value
DyFashionEUR 500
DecathlonEUR 500
ZoniaEUR 400
TopShopEUR 400
FarmecEUR 400
KitunghiiEUR 400
BolfEUR 250
WatchShopEUR 250
FootShopEUR 250
VivreEUR 250
Bottega VerdeEUR 250
Aranjareamesei.roEUR 250
AcajuEUR 250
Viorica.euEUR 250

Find all the nitty-gritty in the Black Friday Mountain Expedition landing page: https://2performant.com/black-friday-2020-mountain-expedition/

Have a path full of conversions! See you on top!

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