All good things must come to a… pause. We are in the second competitive break of this Business League Season, and before the holidays and the lavish meals arrive, we are making a final round of results review. The last week has offered us interesting matchups and promising results.

This time, we start with Merchants, as they have been well-behaved. and Nichiduță.ro finished the Round at #4 and #5 in Corporations, separated by only 13 sales. We will call it a lucky number because both players had a much better round than the previous one. If they maintain their tone and pace, Round 3 should find them at the end with over 5000 sales each.

In the ranking dedicated to ambitious companies, we were drawn to and FashionDays, competing for the top spots. Although they have almost the same number of sales in the just-concluded Round, the Fashion people achieved it with half as many clicks. Not bad. And in Start-Ups, the performance nursery of the Business League, we liked and Footshop, two players who also play in the Fashion category and are chasing the leader’s spot in Home & Garden.

Among the Marketers, WPD has done it. We kept wondering if, we wondered when, and many wonder how. But they did it: 11,198 sales. Posture, figures, and a Unicorn attitude.

In Companies, CashClub and OberstBV ended the Round separated by only 10 sales, in the 4th and 5th places, while the Start-Ups ended up with two leaders who seem to hit above their category: upconvert and tbibank.

The Match-ups will return after we also recover. So after Easter, around May 7th. Until then, happy holidays!

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