When you’ve earned it, you’ve earned it. There were 6 spots available in the most recent Retreat dedicated to Unicorns – Corporations – Companies that we organized. Half of them were filled, so the three families packed their bags and off they went. In Covasna, at a place called Balvanyos Resort. Maybe you know it, maybe you’ve been there. But if not, the pictures and words from our Business League players should shed some light.

The truth is, if we were a travel agency, we would say this: there are places you visit and places you live. Oh, wonderful! But we are not a travel agency, so we do not make such remarks. All our praises are reserved for the players of the Business League alongside whom we play the game of online marketing, while also changing it. Tough job, with matching results.

So how was it at Balvanyos Resort, amidst the greenery, waters, and rest?

“After a busy week, a getaway to Balvanyos Resort was just what our family needed. The thermal pools were perfect for relaxation. We spent hours splashing around with the little girls, and the warm water and mountain views completely recharged us. We also took a walk to Lake St. Ana – the trail is easy and scenic, perfect for the little feet of the children. Nature, relaxation, and precious family moments – it was all we could wish for a perfect weekend.”

Alin Vlad, Otter.ro, to whom we also send THANKS for the photos.

Laurențiu Prodan from Olfactiv.ro said:

“We really liked it, we took lots of pictures and lots of breaks 😀”

“It was a beautiful weekend in the heart of the mountains. Thank you 2Performant for the relaxation package, truly beneficial mentally and physically and I hope it happens again:)”

Mihai Cătălin Iove – M.Catalin

The retreats we organize several times a year for the best players of Business League are a small part of our belief in Competition: if you are good, you deserve to be rewarded. It’s not wow, it’s normalcy. We walk the talk, and these proofs of our loyalty to the principles of a solid competition will keep coming. We have many plans, even more ideas, and they all have one thing in common: the Business League ecosystem. That means you.

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