April 1st, 2024, enters the history of 2Performant. It’s a milestone we’ve been looking at for a long time, but for which (spoiler!) we did not just watch, but mostly worked.

We’re launching BusinessLeague.com. After OpenWorld and almost three full seasons of Business League, which validated the idea that the best deserve the most, here we finally are.

What is BusinessLeague.com? It is the first and only global e-commerce competition. A place where competition is healthy and fair, and results are seen immediately, in the form of sales. A place where the best online marketer-sellers on earth are promoted. From Vitan to Miami and from Constanta to the beautiful districts of San Marino.

Business League is supported by 4 pillars, which we reiterate with aplomb and optimism, every time we get the chance. Today is one of those occasions:

  1. Performance. It’s in our blood and in our name. Nothing pushes things forward like Great Performance. Whether we’re talking about marketing, sports, research, or public administration.
  2. Transparency. The affiliate marketing market is worth over $17 billion worldwide. Sounds nice, but the really important figures for a marketer are those that directly concern him. Those that inspire him to be better, more attentive, more willing to try new things. And the experience of the last few years has shown us that in a competition, the numbers of competitors need to be visible.
  3. Internationalism. Talent exists in Romania, Bulgaria, and America. BusinessLeague.com is a place where talent will duel with talent. Work vs. work, in all the languages of the planet.
  4. Gamification. We’ve been doing gamification since 2012, and the term has evolved year by year. And so have we, along with it. In 2024, the concept of gamification works in favor of the user, offering simplicity, intuitiveness, and an appetite for competition.

If we were to sum up the purpose of Business League in just a few words, it would be the following: we want to see who the best marketers are. Not from the country or region, but from the world. Any competition has its peaks, and those peaks are honed in the company of those like them. In the company of the best. A virtuous circle from which the entire e-commerce market benefits.

And we will highlight the best, shine the lights on them, and reward them as they deserve. In turn, they will inspire those ambitious ones who want to reach the top.

This is just the beginning. The e-commerce market is a global one, and affiliate marketers needed a global platform.

BusinessLeague.com is that platform.

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