One thing that was 100% clear from the experiences shared on the Business League Awards Gala stage on January 29th is that work and discipline are critical in any performance field. Adding passion, as Marian Drăgulescu told us, might make things easier. The six remaining unicorns in the race at the start of Round 3 this season, from the Pharma and Books industries, are surely very aware of these three fundamental requirements for success:

  • Dr.Max, starting the round with a 287% increase compared to the previous one;
  •, with a 421% increase;
  •, a young Unicorn in the championship maintaining its position in the heavy category with a 52% increase compared to the previous round.

And three Unicorn affiliates forming an interesting top at the moment:

  •, with a 209% increase from the previous round;
  • SHOPIA, ranked second in the most coveted category, with a 286% increase;
  • Tidy.Shopping, very close to the second place with a 57% increase.

In terms of industries, the first two (completed) rounds of Season 3 brought very good YoY developments for:

  • Electronics IT & C: 75.6% increase in sales number and 63.8% in Sales Value compared to the same period of 2023
  • Books: 37.5% increase in sales number and 35.5% in Sales Value
  • Home & Garden: 26.7% increase in sales number and 34.1% in Sales Value
  • Babies Kids & Toys: 25% increase in sales number and 24% in Sales Value

Even the break week didn’t slow down the ecosystem, generating 4% more sales compared to the same period last year and 6% more Sales Value. It was a week of offline meetings, with an extraordinary awards gala, Unicorns Retreat in Brașov for the best of the best. And the break during which, for the first time, all players benefited from a 10% bonus on their commission value or a 10% discount on the network commission value. And the most voted industry through Vote per Sale – Pharma – received an additional 10% bonus. What a week!

Business League champions kicked off Round 3 strongly – Dr.Max and set records in Challenges and await challenges. Whoever lines up to start with them this week will have to be even better.

All three active Challenges and the participants’ progress can be followed LIVE in the ecosystem.

Business League Leaderboard Report



  • Cărtureș has climbed to the top position in Corporations, closely followed by, the latter experiencing a fantastic rise at the beginning of Season 3.
  • Currently, 8 players from industries like Books, Pharma, Fashion, Electronics IT & C, Babies Kids & Toys, and Beauty make up the Corporations category.
  • The best conversion rate recorded at the start of this round belongs to Nichiduță.ro, at 4.75%. The question remains if it will also manage to increase its volume in this round.


  • 54 players have qualified for the Companies category, currently led by
  • The Books industry, showing a significant upward trend this season, is represented in the Companies category by,, and, all in the top 10 and with increases of up to 866% compared to the previous round.


  • In the Start-Ups category, leads impressively, starting the round with a conversion rate of 18.18%. Hot on its heels is, vying closely in sales numbers.
  • and are also competing ambitiously, making this round worth watching.

The championship expands this month with 19 new Advertisers joining, starting with Round 3. The first click has been fired!

Check the Leaderboard to keep up with the elite of the Business League players, as well as those who have just entered the competition!



  • The Corporations category affiliate leaderboard starts this round intriguingly, with Pricealert at the top, showing a significant 274% growth from the previous round.
  • WPD and ingbazar complete the top 3, marking massive momentum in Sales Value (exceeding 3000 EUR just hours into the round) and in conversion rate, where ingbazar hits the competition with a 21.89% CR.


  • is currently leading the Companies category, showing impressive performance and motivation this season. They are closely followed by M.Catalin and, who are also very active and driven.
  • Additionally, CashClub, ivanc.emanuelCE, and manugodan have recorded significant growth, exceeding 300% compared to the previous round.


  • Expandeo, SMPRocketTech, and Shoply form the striking brigade from the Start-Ups category. Delupe and AndreeaVle are also targeting the top, beginning the round ambitiously.
  • AndreeaVle’s performance is notable, achieving a 5.04% conversion rate with just one affiliate program.

The energy from Break Week is palpable, with players aiming for prizes in the next Business League Awards Gala, as suggested by their results. It’s time to login & play!

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