In democratic (and somewhat humorous) countries, it is said that if voting really changed anything, the rulers would take it away from us. Of course, that’s an exaggeration, but we’re not doing politics here; we’re doing online performance marketing. So things are different in the Business League. Here, your vote directly impacts your bank account.

And the question you need to vote on is simple yet extremely important:

Which category would you like to receive a 20% bonus during the second competitive break of Season 3 of the Business League?

In the most recently concluded break, we gave a 10% bonus to the entire network and an extra 10% bonus to the winning category in the vote. The total value of the bonuses reached approximately 11,000 euros for Marketers and about 3,000 euros in discounts for Merchants.

However, participation in the vote was low, at 49.82%. As we communicated at the Season 3 Awards Gala, we are building the Business League as an ecosystem governed by investors with voting power based on ownership and by users, through voting power based on the number of sales generated.

Thus, we are raising the stakes for the winning category in the vote during the second break of season 3 by offering a 20% bonus for marketers and merchants. The bonus will be awarded exclusively to the winning category in the vote.

But let us tell you something. Without beating around the bush, our data shows an interesting fact: all Marketers would earn more if “Fashion” were heavily voted for. Yup, you can’t argue with the numbers. But as we said, we don’t decide, you do. Where many gather, power increases, and the vote enhances it. That’s how the saying goes, right?

Anyway, the idea is that Marketers and Merchants are playing this game, so their vote counts. We just provide the platform and the encouragement: vote, because it’s your money. Nothing is decided and just so you know from us: in the Business League, your vote really matters.

How can your vote make an impact?

Let’s look at the big picture, with a few scenarios to clarify things.

For example, if we had a 100% voter turnout, like in those humorless countries, Pharma would take 33.09%, Fashion 20.59%, while 14.26% would be that critical mass, with the potential to change everything.

On the other hand, if we had a turnout of 100% minus Dr.Max and SpringFarma’s votes (the most powerful Unicorns in terms of voting power), Fashion would narrowly surpass Pharma (20.59% vs. 20.42%). Meanwhile, 14.26% of votes could go who knows where.

Okay, one more: What would the numbers look like with a 100% turnout but without the votes of Marketers with the highest voting power (Glew Solutions,, WPD, Well, 14.26% would be unpredictable votes, Pharma would take 13.45%, and Fashion 11.19%.

Obviously, not everyone votes, the won’t ever reach 100%, so your vote becomes all the more important.

As I mentioned, in the last break, we gave away nearly 15,000 euros. It was the Pharma industry that won. A category with a prolific history in the Business League, with many products, and dedicated managers. But does it really deserve to take the spoils again and again? Is Fashion, with its dresses, trends, and glamorous of major events, not every bit as important?

You decide, folks. You decide, just make sure you really do decide!

Voting begins on April 22 and lasts for 4 days. Enough time to decide if you’ll let others make the rules of the game for you.

Which category would you like to receive a 20% bonus during the second competitive break of Season 3 of the Business League?

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