Over time, Meetups have played an important role in our development and that of the 2Performant ecosystem. Partnerships, friendships, and projects have been formed that have grown and made us all better.

After a while, as often happens in communities, the format of these meetings required a rebranding. Said and done: your feedback and enthusiasm, joined by our resources, have given rise to this new format which will kick off on April 30th. We explain it below, confident that we will, once again, move to the next level.

Business League Residence by 2Performant is a series of offline events where Marketers and Merchants meet, ask questions, find answers, debate, learn, and socialize. Several times a year.

This first event is substantial and holds much potential for both Marketers and Merchants alike because it has clear objectives and our backing work to help achieve them. We aim for learning and inspiration.

Event format: From 10 to 10, meaning a full day of co-working, debate, and networking, featuring:

  • Workshops and presentations relevant to you
  • The opportunity to work alongside two of the best marketers in Romania
  • Recognition of the most promising players from the previous round
  • Plenty of drinks & party

Why should you come?

  • It’s an opportunity to learn from people similar to you, with whom you are in a lucrative coopetition. To create or cement partnerships.
  • If you’re a Mentor or Mentee, it’s the perfect chance to have a coffee with the one you’ll be working with for the rest of the Business League season.
  • The Voting System in the Competition is becoming increasingly relevant to you as a player. We’ll talk about that too.
  • You’ll better understand the mission of the Business League and the significant plans we have for the competition. We look far ahead and want to share what we see.
  • We’ll discuss formulas for success and performance in e-commerce and digital marketing.
  • Listen to speeches from people who are either crazy, extraordinarily good, or both. Surprise, you’ll see.
  • You will be among the best players in the competition, which means you yourself will be one of the best.
  • You’ll have fun. Without further needless comment, these meetings wouldn’t be a good idea without an entertaining component. So maybe don’t drive. 🙂

Where, when, and how

From April 29 to May 5, there is a competition break in the Business League. So, the chosen date for our first Meetup is April 30th. And the location is special: Skybar (Dorobanți 155, Bucharest), up high. To be part of this event, which will be talked about at least until the second edition this summer, you need to register here.

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