2Performant’s mission from the beginning has been to discover, promote and encourage high performing marketers.
Starting today, 2Performant adds another component to its mission: the reward system for marketing excellence, to show appreciation for its top contributors is its constant concern for their professional and personal development.

The TOP PERFORMANT BENEFITS PROGRAM is a system of earnable benefits dedicated to the most performant affiliates according to their level in the Business League. 

As such, each participant in the competition will have access to a series of benefits and will be invited to exclusive opportunities to interact in different contexts, from conferences to retreats in nature, with the most influential people in the world of digital commerce.

Business League

Business League is a championship, not a standalone competition, that will take place for the whole year.
is built on the 2Performant platform — mandatory for all its users. The main metric is the number of sales generated.

Structure & Calendar

The championship is split into Seasons. Each season consists of 3 Stages of 16 weeks each, split in 4 Rounds of 4 weeks each, covering 48 of the 52 weeks of any given year.
Season 1 is the Pilot – starting on August 1st and ending on December 4th, 2022.

Each Stage of the championship is split into 4 Rounds and is run on several levels, depending on the number of sales and clicks made by affiliates in the previous Round. The levels have different starting dates in the competition.
The rounds start on the first day of Monday of each month of the year. 


The championship is run on several levels, depending on the number of clicks and sales made by affiliates in the previous 4 weeks.

Prizes and Bonuses for Season 1

There are 3 final prizes (1st Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place) and a weekly bonus for each round in Season 1, per active level, with a total value of 27,915 euro.

If you want to find out more about Business League and the current rankings, check out the championship dedicated page.

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