Business League is the first digital marketing competition to bring together the entire 2Performant ecosystem under the principle of transparency.

Business League’s goal is the same as it has been since the company’s beginnings, which is to motivate and, above all, to discover and recognise sales champions through a transparent, competitive, and unified system.

Business League thus becomes the first competition integrated into a digital marketing platform that aims to reward the most valuable players in the ecosystem through a structure of prizes and offline benefits for both affiliates and advertisers.

The intention of the competition is to encourage and facilitate the collaborative component and unify the interest of the two poles of the 2Performant ecosystem under a common umbrella of performance.

So far in the first round (R1) of the competition alone (1-28 August 2022) affiliates have sent advertisers 6.3 million clicks and over 145,800 sales, generating sales of €7.4 million and being rewarded with commissions worth €459,000.

R1 winners in the FREELANCERS category

  • 1st place – safta.telteu – 37 sales
  • 2nd place – vladandrei – 23 sales
  • 3rd place – Gheoroiu Bogdan – 22 sales

R1 winners in the START-UPS category

  • 1st place – awesome_marketeer – 718 sales
  • 2nd place – – 609 sales
  • 3rd place – BlueSkyMedia – 523 sales

R1 winners in the COMPANIES category

  • 1st place – GlewSolutions – 28,465 sales
  • 2nd place – TidyShopping – 23,428 sales
  • 3rd place – WPD – 13,298 sales

The latest news always appears first in the NEWSFEED – a dedicated section in Business League, inside the platform.

What’s new in Business League v2?
From October 10 Business League becomes complete with the addition of the dedicated advertiser competition. The competition will be run under the same principles of transparency as for affiliates and will benefit from a similar system of awards and benefits starting with attendance at Business Makers, the first meeting of Business League champions, or the Winners Retreat, the first retreat dedicated to winners and their families from both affiliates and advertisers in 2Performant.

From 10 October, platform users will also be able to see the ranking of all advertisers with active programs on the platform with data such as the number of clicks, the number of sales, EPC, number of affiliates sending clicks (team size), and number of affiliates sending sales (team performers).

Season 1 (pilot) of the competition has 4 rounds and now round 2 is in full swing. From Round 3 which starts on 10 October, advertisers will join the competition.

In addition to the Top Performant benefits, the total prize money offered to affiliates in the 4 rounds is worth €27,915. The total prizes offered to advertisers in rounds 3+4 of the competition are worth €8,075.

Please note that as of 10 October 2022, we are updating the Terms of Use (“Terms”) of the Marketing Platform (“Platform”). We invite you to access here the Terms that will be applicable from 10 October 2022.

Use of the Platform after 10 October 2022 implies acceptance of the Terms, as amended.

With friendship,
2Performant Team

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