Starting July 13, 2022, Big Bear has a dedicated space in 2Performant advertisers’ accounts.

Advertisers can check if the affiliate program’s associated site is eligible for Big Bear, have access to customized Big Bear installation documentation, and have the opportunity to test the installation and then request Big Bear activation.

Big Bear = the 2Performant 1st party cookie attribution system that leverages the classic tracking system, iframe.

Big Bear attribution

Performance is one of the 2Performant values and it is in our DNA to reward it. That’s why we want users of our platform to have easy and intuitive access to the latest functionality available in 2Performant.

Big Bear enhances the attribution made by the classic tracking system (iframes) and provides better coverage for advertisers to give commissions to affiliates. For this reason, the aim is for Big Bear to become the norm in conversion attribution, alongside the classic tracking system (iframe).

Since the beginning of the year we have taken steps to ensure that many advertisers at the top of Advertiser Ranking have Big Bear installed and activated, without providing an interface into their 2Performant accounts.

Now, all advertisers:

  • can check if the site associated with the affiliate program is eligible for Big Bear
  • find out what they need to do to become eligible for Big Bear
  • have access to customized documentation for Big Bear installation
  • have the possibility to test the Big Bear installation
  • can request Big Bear activation

Once Big Bear is activated, advertisers will be marked in Advertiser Ranking as having Big Bear active so affiliates will know which advertisers have the classic attribution boosted by Big Bear. Also, all affiliates in the affiliate program will be notified.

Big Bear becomes essential in the 2Performant ecosystem

Big Bear enhances the attribution made by the classic tracking system (iframes) and provides better coverage for advertisers to give commissions to affiliates.

Because Big Bear installation and activation is essential in the 2Performant ecosystem, we are offering free Big Bear installation support until the end of the year. In parallel, we have partnered with AvantiCart and GoMag who have developed dedicated modules for easy installation of Big Bear if you use their ecommerce services. Other platforms will follow.

On top of all this, from 1 October 2022 we will limit the visibility in Advertiser Ranking for brands that do not have Big Bear enabled, and on the dedicated pages of those programs we will mention that Big Bear is not installed for that advertiser.

We plan a number of new limitations from 1 January 2023 for advertisers without Big Bear. Also, from 1 January 2023, Big Bear installation support will be for a fee.

If you are an advertiser, now is a good time to install and activate Big Bear in your affiliate program, if you haven’t already done so.

If you are an affiliate, pay more attention to advertisers with active Big Bear. They have the most accurate attribution system and offer maximum reward for your promotional efforts. Keep in mind that every time an advertiser activates Big Bear, all affiliates in that affiliate program will be notified through 2Performant.

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