The reality of performance marketing broadcasted live to your 2Performant account.

Real-time information does not change reality. It makes it easier to interpret and manage.

2Performant gives you the figures to describe  the reality of affiliate marketing in real time.

To centralize all the information sources, 2Performant users can tap to optimize their performance. Starting September 4, 2018, the live feed will move from the 2Performant website to the notifications section of the platform and be available to logged-in users only – affiliates and advertisers.

Aggregated data at the network level, updated daily, will remain available for anyone on the site in the statistics section.

The data feed provides real-time information about each generated sale and the associated commission to all members logged into the 2Performant platform.

The advantage of this live feed is that, combined with other 2Performant tools (e.g., Advertiser Ranking or Promotions), it can provide an overview of trends and opportunities in e-commerce at every moment, helping both advertisers and affiliates be more reactive, more efficient, and more profitable.

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