In order to improve security for all user accounts in 2Performant, starting at the from 1st of March 2020, we will modify the way sessions are maintained in our network.


then everything will work as usual and there is no need for a change.

If you’ve developed API integrations on your own, please make sure of the following:

  • you do “sign-in” once, at the beginning of each data process session;
  • you make requests to 2Performant’s API sequentially (the code waits for a response to a request before it sends a new request)
  • when you receive a response to a request via API, you take the access token delivered by the server and you use it for your next request and so on.

If this doesn’t happen or you don’t make changes for this to happen, after our security update from 1st of March 2020, API calls more then 10 seconds away from the log-in will respond with HTTP 401 (unauthorized).

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